Bishop Blasts Killing Babies in Abortion: It’s an “Abomination and Contrary to Christian Values”

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 8, 2021   |   5:41PM   |   Kingston, Jamaica

A prominent Christian leader in Jamaica slammed a new report that advocates for legalizing secret abortions for underage girls, calling it an “abomination” in a statement Monday.

Bishop Dr. Alvin Bailey, who chairs the Jamaica Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation (CAUSE), urged Jamaicans to reject the radical new report from the Caribbean Policy Research Institute, the Jamaican news outlet Loop reports.

“This is an abomination and is contrary to Christian values. To condemn to death our unborn children for the expediency of socio-economic benefits is contemporary barbarism,” Bailey said.

The report, funded by the European Union, advocates for Jamaica to legalize abortions for underage girls without their parents’ knowledge or consent. It also supports taxpayer-funded abortions and asks that lawmakers be allowed to cast a secret vote “on the issue of legalizing abortion in order to protect their integrity,” the local news reports.

Bailey accused the institute’s leaders of being “spiritually deprived” despite their academic and intellectual achievements.

“Let’s face the harsh reality. The views of the pro-abortionists have less to do with liberating women and allowing them the freedom to choose,” the evangelical Christian pastor said. “It is about advancing the global agenda of powerful and influential international agencies, by paying the price in order to gain access to funding for Jamaica.”

Bailey said killing a baby in the womb does not solve problems.

“It is about a quick fix for the shortage of urgently needed social systems which are put on the back burner because of growing economic challenges. It is about increasing the wealth of doctors who charge large sums for their services,” he continued. “It is about the ignorance of the dangers and possible death of the pregnant mother, as well as the permanent emotional and psychological damage abortion does to the woman who commits the act and her family.”

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He and other Christian leaders with Jamaica CAUSE urged lawmakers to reject the global pro-abortion ideology and allow Jamaicans to control their own society.

Jamaica “must decisively define its own sovereign moral and ethical identity, then motivate our people, our politics and our socio-economic leaders to support that sovereign purpose,” the bishop said.

The bishop’s statement echos those of other pro-life leaders in Africa and South America. Many pro-life countries are facing intense international pressure from rich, western nations to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions. Recently, African pro-life leaders accused powerful western countries of exploiting the coronavirus pandemic by pressuring poor countries seeking international aid money to legalize abortions.