Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Drops Below 50% After Making Americans Fund Planned Parenthood

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 4, 2021   |   4:22PM   |   Washington, DC

Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped under 50% just days after he reversed President Donald Trump’s pro-life policies and forced Americans to fund Planned Parenthood’s global abortion agenda.

Last week, Biden signed an executive order forcing Americans to fund the International Planned Parenthood abortion business and sending taxpayer funds to promote its global abortion agenda Biden’s executive order reverses a pro-life rule President Donald Trump put in place to defund International Planned Parenthood, which kills babies in abortions around the world and lobbies to legalize abortions in pro-life countries.

Today, a new Quinnipiac University poll finds Biden’s approval rating south of 50% with only 49% of Americans say they approve of the job he is doing. Some 89% percent of Democrats said they approve of Biden’s performance so far, an opinion shared by only 11 percent of Republicans.

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Independents  were more evenly split, with 44 percent approving and 36 percent disapproving, according to the Quinnipiac poll.

That Biden can’t get over 50% is not surprising given that a majority of Americans are pro-life and don’t want their tax dollars used to fund abortions.

A new Marist Poll released in January found most Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortions.

Some 77% of those polled either “oppose” or “strongly oppose” using tax dollars to support international abortion – this is up from 75% who answered similarly each of the past two years. (Democrat – 55%, Republican – 95%, Independent – 85%). A majority of Americans (58%) oppose using taxpayer money to fund abortions within the United States. (Democrat – 31%, Republican – 83%, Independent -65%)

Only 19% of Americans either “support” or “strongly support” funding abortions outside the US, while another 4% are unsure. Even among those who identify themselves as “pro-choice” in the current poll, over six in 10 (64%) say they are opposed to using tax dollars to support abortion in other countries.

In January 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to defund the International Planned Parenthood abortion business. Later that year he expanded the order to ensure more taxpayer funds for international efforts were covered under it. As a result, the huge global abortion business lost over $107 million in taxpayer funds according to government estimates.

When pro-abortion former President Barack Obama took office, Obama overturned the Mexico City Policy that prevented funding of groups that promote or perform abortions overseas. The Mexico City Policy  prevented taxpayer dollars from flowing to the abortion businesses International Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International for their foreign efforts.

The pro-life policy had been in place during the entirety of the Bush administration and Obama rescinded it on his first week in office. Named for a 1984 population conference where President Reagan initially announced it, the Mexico City Policy made it so family planning funds could only go to groups that would agree to not do abortions or lobby foreign nations to overturn their pro-life laws.

Trump restored the Mexico City Policy by executive order to stop taxpayer funding of groups that perform and promote abortions overseas but it does not stop non-abortion international assistance. The order, called the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance, ensured U.S. foreign aid will continue to go to health care and humanitarian relief in the millions of dollars. It just will not subsidize abortion overseas. Planned Parenthood could have chosen to comply with the pro-life rule to receive taxpayer funds by ending its abortion business globally and not performing or promoting abortions, but it refused.

Leading pro-life groups have already slammed Biden, saying he is betraying his supposedly devout Catholic faith.

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President Trump’s pro-life order defunded the International Planned Parenthood Federation of about $100 million and the British abortion chain Marie Stopes International (now MSI Reproductive Choices) of about $73 million in U.S. tax dollars.