Arkansas House Passes Pro-Life Bill to Save More Babies From Abortion

State   |   Dave Andrusko   |   Feb 3, 2021   |   4:02PM   |   Little Rock, AR

Today in Arkansas, The Every Mom Matters Act (EMMA) quickly won approval from the Senate Public Health Committee.

On Monday, the proposal easily passed the full House by a vote of 75-13

Rose Mimms, executive director of Arkansas Right to Life, testified last week in support of EMMA before the House Public Health Committee where it passed with unanimous consent.

“So many pregnant women seeking abortion do so only because they feel they have no support or help to meet their needs,” Mimms told NRL News Today. “EMMA will provide information about available  resources whatever their needs if they choose to accept it and choose life.”

According to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, “The sponsor of the legislation, Rep. Jim Dotson, R-Bentonville, said it was estimated the bill would reduce abortions by up to a third by making sure every woman obtaining an abortion in Arkansas knows about both the resources public and private available to her.’” According to statistics from the Health Department, there were 2,963 abortions performed in the state in 2019.

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Under provisions of House Bill 1195, the state Department of Health would be required “to set up the hotline to provide information on available medical, welfare and private assistance programs. Dotson said women could fulfill the requirement with a five-minute call.”

Mimms noted that “The chairman of the House Committee compared it to a natural disaster that we knew was coming and that we would do all we could to save lives.”

She added emphatically, “This law will save lives.” Note: Dave Andrusko is the editor of National Right to Life News and an author and editor of several books on abortion topics. This post originally appeared in at National Right to Life News Today —- an online column on pro-life issues.