CBS Reporter Says Pro-Abortion Joe Biden’s Inauguration Speech Was Like “Reading From the Bible!”

National   |   Scott Whitlock   |   Jan 20, 2021   |   5:15PM   |   Washington, DC

Well, that was quick. The Joe Biden-era gush officially began as soon as the Democrat became President. On Wednesday, CBS journalists enthused that the inaugural address was something like a “priest would give, “something from the Bible.” Another journalist on the network fretted that, if he had any faults, the very liberal Biden may be too moderate.

Chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett offered the most hyperbolic praise, suggesting that the radically pro-abortion Biden’s inaugural address was like a lesson from the Bible:

The beginning had a soaring rhetoric. A tiny bit at the end. The middle it sounded like a homily. A breaking down of all this big language to simple colloquial terms. ‘I’m just talking to you. I’m in this vaunted position.’  But like a priest explaining something from the Bible or something. ‘I’m breaking it down for you so we can all have a common language and a common understanding.’”


A few minutes earlier, chief White House correspondent Nancy Cordes suggested that, perhaps, “no politician” in Washington could have given Biden’s speech. She also worried that the President may be too moderate:

There’s few politicians in Washington, perhaps no politicians in Washington who can lay claim to that kind of message like Joe Biden can. I mean, look, he was in the Senate for 36 years. And he had a reputation there of trying to work across the aisle. He was often the person that President Obama dispatched to Capitol Hill to try to cut a deal during his eight years as vice president.

In fact, the biggest knock on him from members of his own party, he has been too eager, sometimes, to try  work with the other side and find common ground. Democrats worried in the past that he might give up too much.

Biden? The new President is certainly a liberal. His lifetime American Conservative Union score is 12 and the Democrat has drifted farther left as the years go by. His 2008, 2007 and 2006 scores are, respectively: 0, 0, 4.

CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell simply stated as fact how wonderful the Bidens are: “They have a natural tendency to think of others. An empathetic way about them because of not only their life-long career in public service but also because of the great loss that they have suffered.”

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