Twitter Executive Caught Pushing Massive Censorship of Conservatives: “We’re Going to be Aggressive”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 18, 2021   |   12:51PM   |   Washington, DC

A Twitter executive has been caught in a new undercover video from Project Veritas saying the social media giant intends to push censorship of pro-life conservatives even more aggressively than it has already.

Vijaya Gadde, Twitter Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead, was caught on video saying it intends to punish conservatives who discuss election fraud or post what it co0nsiders to be “inflammatory content.”

“We’re going to actually be more aggressive in our enforcement beyond de-amplification,” Gadde told the undercover reporter.

And the censorship will be based on false Twitter claims that conservative are promoting violence — which was a misleading and erroneous claim Twitter used to suspend a pro-life congresswoman over the weekend.

“One of the interesting things is a lot of the work that we’ve been doing over the last week is work that we’ve built on in other places around the world, where we’ve seen violence unfold as a result of either misleading information or coded rhetoric,” Gadde says in the video. “A lot of our learnings here [in the United States] have come from other markets. So, in that sense, you know, we do feel like it is – this is our global approach.”

“We need to be very focused on being able to enforce any of these policies or enforcement decisions we make at scale<‘ she added. “We decided to escalate our enforcement of the civic integrity policy and use a label that disabled engagements to stop the spread of potentially inflammatory content, which is the content around election interference, election fraud, stealing the election, that type of thing.”

She concluded: “We think that the severity of what’s happening on the ground, coupled with the information that’s contained in these [election fraud] tweets — misleading information about the election being stolen and massive fraud around the election are what is changing our analysis of how we should enforce this [civic integrity] policy. It [election fraud tweets] is a much more severe violation given what we were seeing on the ground.”

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This video follows another one from Project Veritas that showed a whistleblower who works for the social media giant Twitter showing its CEO planning in advance to ban President Donald trump from its platform.

The bans appeared to be a response to violent riots at the United States Capitol and false allegations that Trump incited violence even though he repeatedly called for participants at a rally to be peaceful. Now Project Veritas has released a video that appears to show Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey plotting to remove Trump from its platform well in advance of the riots.

“You should always feel free to express yourself in whatever format manifestation feels right,” Dorsey said in the video, that PV says was secretly filmed by a Twitter “insider whistleblower.”

“We are focused on one account [@realDonaldTrump] right now, but this is going to be much bigger than just one account, and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks, and it’s going to go on beyond the inauguration,” Dorsey added. “And we have to expect that and we have to be ready for that.”

“So, the focus is certainly on this account and how it ties to real-world violence. But also, we need to think much longer-term around how these dynamics play out over time. I don’t believe this is going away anytime soon,” Dorsey told Twitter staffers in the leaked video.

Project Veritas saidd in a Twitter post that the video leak is evidence of “censorship gone wild.”

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, said Thursday that further leaks from the social media giant are coming from other whistleblowers.

“Stay tuned. They may be private companies, but they have more power than all three branches of government,” O’Keefe told viewers.

Twitte rhas also purged hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of pro-life conservative accounts. has lost over 30,000 followers as a result and other pro-life groups and conservative organizations and writers have lost large amounts of followers as well.

But the decisions have come at a cost. Facebook and Twitter have lost a combined $51 billion in market value since banning President Donald Trump from their platforms as Americans across the country divest themselves from the companies’ stock offerings.

Meanwhile, YouTube has banned Trump for one week from uploading any new videos to the popular video-sharing service.

The Google-owned platform cited concerns over “ongoing potential for violence,” even though President Trump has repeatedly called for peace during and after riots at the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday.

YouTube officials indicated that the service would remove content President trump uploaded yesterday, claiming it somehow promotes violence but providing no proof that is so. Although Trump’s channel will stay online for users to view old videos, the president can’t live stream or add new videos to the account for one week. Comments have also been disabled on the channel.

“After careful review, and in light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, we removed new content uploaded to the Donald J. Trump channel and issued a strike for violating our policies for inciting violence,” a YouTube spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

YouTube indicated that a second strike would result in a 2-week ban of Presidnet Trump’s account and said a third strike would result in permanent suspension from the platform.

The social media giant Twitter first suspended President Donald Trump’s account after falsely claiming he promoted rioting and violence. In a statement on its twitter Support account, twitter official claimed that Trump’s recent Twitter posts were “in violation of the Glorification of Violence Policy.” Other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest followed suit.

After Twitter censored him, Trump posted a statement in response from the official governmental account of the office of President, @POTUS.

“As I have been saying for a long time, Twitter has gone further and further in banning free speech, and tonight, Twitter employees have coordinated with the Democrats and the Radical Left in removing my account from their platform, to silence me—and YOU, the 75,000,000 great patriots who voted for me,” Trump said in a statement.

“Twitter may be a private company, but without the government’s gift of Section 230 they would not exist for long,” he added.

“I predicted this would happen. We have been negotiating with various other sites, and will have a big announcement soon, while we also look at the possibilities of building out our own platform in the near future. We will not be SILENCED!” Trump continued.

“Twitter is not about FREE SPEECH. They are all about promoting a Radical Left platform where some of the most vicious people in the world are allowed to speak freely,” Trump concluded. “STAY TUNED!”

Shortly after President Trump posted the statement, Twitter suspended that account as well.

“Using another account to try to evade a suspension is against our rules,” Twitter said in a statement to news outlets. “We have taken steps to enforce this with regard to recent Tweets from the @POTUS account.”

“For government accounts, such as @POTUS and @WhiteHouse, we will not suspend those accounts permanently but will take action to limit their use.”

Twitter explained its initial banning of President Trump’s personal account this way:

“After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them—specifically how they are being received and interpreted on and off Twitter—we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence,” Twitter said in a statement. “In the context of horrific events this week, we made it clear on Wednesday that additional violations of the Twitter Rules would potentially result in this very course of action. Our public interest framework exists to enable the public to hear from elected officials and world leaders directly. It is built on a principle that the people have a right to hold power to account in the open.”

It added: “However, we made it clear going back years that these accounts are not above our rules entirely and cannot use Twitter to incite violence, among other things. We will continue to be transparent around our policies and their enforcement.”

Twitter cited two of the president’s most recent posts as justification for its action, neither of which promoted rioting or violence in any fashion.

The first post read, “The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!”

A second post indicated President Trump would not attend pro-abortion Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.”

That was the final post to Twitter before it removed President Trump from its platform.

Twitter claimed that the two posts had violated its “Glorification of Violence policy.” The policy aims to “prevent the glorification of violence that could inspire others to replicate violent acts.”

It claims Trump is  “highly likely to encourage and inspire people to replicate the criminal acts that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.”

How can a tweet about not attending the inauguration be considered violent. Twitter stretches the truth to claim it “is being received by a number of his supporters as further confirmation that the election was not legitimate and is seen as him disavowing his previous claim made via two Tweets (1, 2) by his Deputy Chief of Staff, Dan Scavino, that there would be an ‘orderly transition’ on January 20th.” It further claimed that Trump’s statement “may also serve as encouragement to those potentially considering violent acts that the Inauguration would be a ‘safe’ target, as he will not be attending.”

Twitter also claimed the term “American patriots … is also being interpreted as support for those committing violent acts at the US Capitol.”

The social media giant also speculated that Trump’s saying that his supporters have a “GIANT VOICE long into the future” and that “They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!” is being interpreted as “further indication that President Trump does not plan to facilitate an ‘orderly transition’” despite his repeated statements otherwise.

Twitter claims that Trump supporters are planning future violence, saying “Plans for future armed protests have already begun proliferating on and off-Twitter, including a proposed secondary attack on the US Capitol and state capitol buildings on January 17, 2021.”

The social media giant also removed the Team Trump account used by President trump’s campaign to post videos, statements and other items promoting his re-election.

But the record shows President Trump never incited violence and called for peace.

The president himself condemned the violence in very clear remarks:

“Like all Americans, I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness, and mayhem. I immediately deployed the National Guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel the intruders. America is and must always be a nation of law and order. The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy. To those who engaged in acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law, you will pay.”

After the Electoral College vote, President Donald Trump promised a peaceful transition of power to the pro-abortion president.

“Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again,” he said.

His spokeswoman also condemned the rioting.

“We condemn it, the president and this administration, in the strongest possible terms,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told a press conference about what happened at the Capitol. “It is unacceptable and those that broke the law should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

She said “a group of violent rioters undermining the legitimate first amendment rights of the many thousands who came to peacefully have their voices heard in our nation’s capital.”

“Those who violently besieged our capitol are the opposite of everything that this administration stands for,” she said. “The core value of our administration is the idea that all citizens have the right to live in safety peace and freedom.”

She said that people working in the White House “are working to ensure an orderly transition of power.”