President Trump Blocks Products From Xinjiang, China, Where Uighurs Forced to Have Abortions

International   |   Steven Ertelt, Katie Yoder   |   Jan 13, 2021   |   1:52PM   |   Washington, DC

President Donald Trump is taking action against communist China, which is persecuting minorities.

The Trump administration has announced that the U.S. will block cotton from the Uighur region of China, where the communist government engages in human rights abuses such as forced abortions and sterilizations. The U.S. will bar entry of all cotton products and tomatoes from the region.

“Forced labor is a form of modern slavery,” Acting Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Kenneth Cuccinelli said on a call with reporters Wednesday. “‘Made in China’ doesn’t just indicate country of origin — it’s a warning label.”

Here’s more:

The U.S. imported $9 billion of cotton products in the past year and $10 million of tomatoes from China, Brenda Smith, the executive assistant commissioner in the office fo trade at Customs and Border Protection, said on the call.

In September, CBP said it planned a so-called withhold release order, or WRO, covering all cotton, textile and tomato products from the country’s northwestern Xinjiang region. CBP has already issued WROs against three Xinjiang-based hair-product and garment producers in 2020 and plans six more in addition to the blanket Xinjiang order.

In December, the U.S.-based Center for Global Policy published a report alleging new evidence from Chinese government documents and media reports of hundreds of thousands of Uighurs in Xinjiang being forced to pick cotton by hand through coercive state-mandated labor.

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Joe Biden has labeled China’s mass detention and re-education program for Xinjiang’s Uighur minority as “genocide” and called for an international effort to make a united stand against the campaign.

As has reported, women in this Chinese region have been forced to have multiple abortions.

The plight of the Uighur women warrants attention not only as a woman’s issue, but also as a human-rights issue. And, once heard, it’s impossible to ignore.

On August 25, headlines revealed that the Trump administration is considering accusing China of genocide due to the country’s treatment of Uighur Muslims. The U.S. government and human-rights groups have already charged China with detaining one to three million minority Muslims in “camps.” Some of the most disturbing reports tell of the government’s abuse of women by weaponizing abortion, sterilization, and birth control. New reports introduce Uighur women who say they were forced to undergo as many as eight forced abortions and obstetricians who claim babies are killed even “after they’d been born.”

On August 17, Radio Free Asia (RFA) published a report by journalists Gulchehra Hoja and Shohret Hoshur. They interviewed a Uighur obstetrician, Hasiyet Abdulla, who confirmed forced abortions and infanticide in China. Before moving to Turkey, she spent more than a decade working in Xinjiang hospitals.

According to Abdulla, each hospital housed a “family-planning unit” that tracked “who had how many kids, when they’d given birth to them.”

Parents are allowed three children in rural areas and two in urban areas – and each child must be three to four years apart from the others. To enforce these rules, the hospitals participated in barbaric practices.

“There were babies born at nine months who we killed after inducing labor,” she said.

Medical staff performed abortions on some women who were “eight and nine months pregnant,” she claimed, and would “even kill the babies after they’d been born.”