Doctors Said Sarah Catherine Was “Incompatible With Life” and Urged Abortion. She’s Now 19 Months Old

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 13, 2021   |   7:03PM   |   Washington, DC

Two years ago, doctors described her as “incompatible with life” and predicted that she would not survive to her first birthday – if she made it outside of the womb alive. But today, the little girl is 19 months old and doing better than expected.

Sarah Catherine’s parents recently shared their family’s story with the Alabama Baptist Media to celebrate Respect Life month in January.

Her mother, Farrah Lane, said Sarah Catherine has Trisomy 18, a chromosomal disorder that causes severe developmental problems, heart problems and other issues.

Though some children with Trisomy 18 die shortly before or after birth, others survive. Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum’s daughter Bella is one example. Last year, Megan Hayes, believed to be the oldest person with Trisomy 18, celebrated her 40th birthday.

When the Lanes learned that their unborn daughter might have Trisomy 18, they said they felt devastated. But when Farrah’s doctor encouraged her to consider abortion, she said no, according to the report.

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“I asked how I could help her, and it sounded like he was saying termination was the only option,” she said. “I said, ‘Well, that’s just not an option.’”

Just like with their three older children, the Lanes said they believe God had a purpose for creating their daughter. Immediately, they said they began to research the disorder and search for doctors who could help Sarah Catherine.

“I found out that 90% of babies with Trisomy 18 need heart care right off the bat, and if the defect can be repaired, then it gives them a chance,” Farrah said.

Eventually, she and her husband, Tait, found Dr. James Hammel, a surgeon in Omaha, Nebraska who was willing to perform heart surgery right after Sarah Catherine was born.

The report continues:

They made the trip to Omaha at 22 weeks gestational age, consulted with Hammel and got a birth plan together.

They came back home with a heart monitor and checked for the baby’s heartbeat every night, knowing they could lose her at any moment.

But the heartbeat stayed strong. At 37 weeks, the doctor brought Farrah to the hospital so he could monitor the situation. And on June 6, 2019, Sarah Catherine was born weighing 4 pounds, 8 ounces.

She underwent her first surgery when she was 28 hours old and a second surgery five days later, according to the report. Her parents said she almost died after the second surgery, but when friends and relatives began to pray for her, Sarah Catherine recovered.

Today, she is 19 months old and doing well. Her mother said she still has a feeding tube, and she underwent two additional surgeries, but her life has surpassed doctors’ expectations.

The Lanes said they know that God created Sarah Catherine for a reason, and her life is a miracle.

“The value is not in what she can do or what she can become but in that she is His creation, created in His image,” Tait Lane said. “This is her story. We’re just along for the ride.”

LifeNews Note: Photo courtesy of Farrah Lane