MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow: All Republicans are “Violent Fascists”

National   |   Scott Whitlock   |   Jan 7, 2021   |   2:44PM   |   Washington, DC

The fact that scores of conservatives and Republicans have come out and condemned both the violence at the Capitol, as well Donald Trump himself, is apparently lost on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night smeared the entire GOP as “fascist,” “violent, insurrectionist party.” Joy Reid mocked Republican condemnations, saying they “don’t matter.”

But first, Maddow slimed, “I mean the idea that the Republican Party is going to somehow defy the label of being a violent, insurrectionist party with fascist markers is hard to see when their internal discipline is stern speeches and no rebukes.”

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In reality, conservatives and Republicans on Wednesday immediately condemned the dark events in Washington.

Reid made it clear that no level of outrage from Republicans against the attack on our democracy will be enough:

This whole spectacle that’s supposed to talk about the strength of our democracy is a sham as long as this is still going forward. I don’t know how this turns out, but I just hope that they complete the certification of Biden and Harris winning the election. Let’s just get that done. I think at this point that’s the priority. Get it done. I don’t think we need the ceremony and the speeches. I think Romney’s speech was fine. But this doesn’t matter.

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