CNN Bashes Pro-Life Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for Protecting Elderly From Coronavirus

State   |   Nicholas Fondacaro   |   Dec 31, 2020   |   11:01AM   |   Washington, DC

Not only was CNN crucial in helping to downplay New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D) mass slaughter of nursing home residents earlier this year after packing coronavirus patients inside such facilities, but they spent Wednesday decrying Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) call to prioritize elderly residents of his state so they can get vaccinated against the same virus.

Despite the fact that DeSantis was following the science that showed the elderly had an increased risk of dying from the virus, OutFront fill-in host Bianna Golodryga still chided the common-sense idea to vaccinate them first.

And OutFront next, Florida goes against CDC recommendations and vaccinates seniors before some frontline workers. So, how’s it going,” she knocked in a tease before the segment. She added this after the commercial break: “Florida, one of the states bucking CDC recommendations and vaccinating seniors ahead of some frontline workers.”

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The report was delivered by correspondent Ryan Youngm who complained about long lines even though he would admit Florida had more elderly residents than any other state, and despite the fact that such a massive vaccination effort had never been carried out before.

It was sort of like how, last week, CNN host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo complained that Florida had received more doses of the vaccine than New York, despite the fact that Florida had more residents over the age of 65.

This bumper to bumper traffic jam twists around the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. A line so long, drivers have more than enough time to get out and stretch,” Young began. But there was an inconvenient tidbit of information that he hid from viewers until the very end of the segment. “Bianna, day two, we’ve seen a remarkable change to what we saw yesterday.”

That’s right, his report was outdated and some of the hiccups from day one had been worked out. “Cars are wrapped around the block. Now, seniors get the shot here, then they travel over to this parking lot over here where they have to sit and wait for 15 to 30 minutes to make sure they don’t have an adverse reaction,” he told Golodryga.

Now, without initially noting that it had only been two days since Florida had started offering vaccines to all elderly residents, and not just those in nursing homes, Young made mountains out of the day-one molehills.

“Not just in Orlando. Elderly Floridians across the state anxious to receive the COIVD-19 vaccine are dealing with a similar situation,” he reported. “In Fort Myers, many are bringing lawn chairs as they sit and wait for hours. Nine to be exact for this man.”

Young also griped about how Florida was still trying to grapple with the rush of elderly residents trying to get vaccinated

The issues not restricted to long lines. Some seniors have heard the vaccine is available and starting showing up at hospitals only to get turned away. While others flood hospital phone lines looking to make appointments.

In South Florida, Broward Health says they’ve already booked up with vaccine appointments and won’t take on more patients until February. Back in Orange County, 30,000 people signed up within 24 hours on the county’s website. They vaccinated more than 1,500 seniors on the first day. A dose of hope during this awful year.

Again, it had been two days (counting Wednesday).

Even though the segment was mostly griping, Young did conclude by noting that DeSantis said he was refusing to get the vaccine right now so there would be more for his elderly residents.

“Many believe that was the right move by the Governor,” Golodryga added with a seemingly pained look on her face.

LifeNews Note: Nicholas Fondacaro writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.