Pastor Rebukes Raphael Warnock’s Pro-Abortion Stance: You Can’t be Christian and Pro-Abortion

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 29, 2020   |   8:39PM   |   Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia pastor Flynn Johnson has given up staying quiet about the atrocity of abortion and the politicians who defend it.

The bishop of Metro City Church in Atlanta, Johnson was one of nearly 30 black pastors who recently called on U.S. Senate candidate Raphael Warnock to stop advocating for abortions.

Warnock, a pastor, is challenging pro-life U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler in a high-stakes runoff race in January in Georgia. A Democrat, Warnock supports abortions without limits and wants to force taxpayers to pay for them. He recently described himself as a “pro-choice” pastor and claimed his support for abortion is “consistent” with biblical values.

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In an interview with National Review, Johnson said he did not always speak out strongly against abortion. But, with high-profile black leaders like Warnock claiming to be Christian while supporting the killing of unborn babies in abortions, he now believes that he must.

“I wasn’t vocal. I wasn’t pushing in terms of an agenda,” he told the magazine. “But since there is an agenda being pushed, I feel like we don’t have a choice.”

Johnson said he has seen the devastating “aftermath of abortion” in his own congregation.

“It’s horrendous stories of those who at the moment feel like they don’t want to accept the responsibility (of being a parent), and yet discover only later how devastating it is when the conscience reconsiders the fact that it took life,” Johnson said. “In my mind, there’s no place to reconcile that.”

Though abortions hurt families of every race and culture, they disproportionately harm the African American community. Census data indicates that African Americans make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population, but they have nearly 40 percent of all abortions.

Johnson told National Review that he does not understand how Warnock can support something that has caused so much harm to black Americans.

“It is my position that many of our problems are due to the breakup of the family, abortion not being one of the least,” he said. “It’s a major, major issue. For [Warnock] to take the position that he takes, I don’t know how he does that when it comes to his own congregation and the struggle of women in his own congregation.”

He said the black community is waking up to the horrors of abortion, and it will have an impact on the election.

“I think there will be a surprising number of African Americans that do not vote their color, and don’t vote their history,” he said, responding to how black Americans traditionally vote Democrat.

Johnson urged African American voters not to assume that a candidate shares their values because he shares their skin color. He said values like the right to life are what voters should be looking for in a candidate.

He said their letter to Warnock may not have made an impact on the candidate, but it did among Georgians. He said he received a huge, positive response from people.

“What is interesting is how much this is talked about behind closed doors,” Johnson said.

In the letter, the pastors, most of them from Georgia, told Warnock: “Unborn Black, Brown and White lives are so much more than clumps of cells, burdensome inconveniences, or health problems. They are sacred human persons endowed by God with inalienable dignity and worth. We implore you to uphold the Biblical defense of life and to fight against the systemic racism of abortion.”

Warnock’s statements, his allegiance to the Democratic Party and alliance with pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL suggest he would work to expand the killing of unborn babies in abortions if elected to the U.S. Senate. A top goal on Democrat leaders’ agenda is to end the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers to fund abortions, a move that almost certainly would lead to more unnecessary killings.

Because Republicans hold such a narrow majority in the U.S. Senate, Loeffler’s seat is key to stopping Democrats from expanding late-term abortions, forcing taxpayers to pay for them and packing the U.S. Supreme Court with pro-abortion judges.

Loeffler has a 100-percent pro-life voting record. She also co-sponsored the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks on unborn babies capable of feeling pain, and the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would protect newborns from infanticide.

March for Life Action, Susan B. Anthony List, National Right to Life and other leading pro-life groups are working hard to support Loeffler and U.S. Sen. David Perdue, a pro-life Republican who also is facing a runoff election against pro-abortion Democrat Jon Ossoff.