Woman Sues Abortion Facility, Coerced Her Into Aborting Her Baby After She Spit Out Abortion Pills

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 23, 2020   |   6:49PM   |   Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jessica Duran wavered back and forth about aborting her unborn baby as she sat inside a New Mexico abortion facility in 2012.

Though she eventually told the abortion workers to go through with the abortion, Duran said she still felt unsure; she even spit out the abortion pills that they gave her. But instead of encouraging her to take a few days to reconsider, Duran said the abortion staff coerced her into aborting her unborn child.

On Tuesday, the pro-life group Abortion on Trial shared Duran’s story and the medical records from her abortion at Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque. Duran is suing the abortion facility in the case Duran vs. Curtis Boyd & S.W.O.

“I wanted my baby,” Duran said. “I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to go get an abortion. I fought for my child’s life for three months. I fought until I literally couldn’t physically or emotionally handle fighting that pressure anymore.”

Duran said her family and boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion. She said she considered it because she felt like she did not have any support.

According to Abortion on Trial, Duran expressed doubts during her first appointment at the abortion facility, and her medical records state that she decided to consider adoption for her baby.

However, she said her family was not supportive, so she scheduled an appointment for an abortion a few days later.

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During that second appointment, her medical records indicate that Duran wavered about her decision multiple times – sometimes saying she was sure she wanted the abortion and other times indicating she was not.

At one point, her medical records say her mother who was in the waiting room asked to speak to her and Duran agreed. According to the records, Duran’s mother had changed her mind and did not want her daughter to abort her baby. The records indicate that the mother and daughter did speak together, but one of the abortion staffers eventually shut the door on the mother because “she was hounding” Duran.

“When Jessica was given misoprostol pills to begin her abortion procedure, she felt she could not go through with it. She spit the pills out and stated, ‘I can’t do this,’ as clearly documented in her chart,” according to Abortion on Trial.

Rather than encourage Duran to go home and take time to consider her options, her medical records say she was taken to a small room for “re-counseling” and then left alone. It is not clear how long she waited alone in the room.

Duran said she eventually broke down and agreed to go through with the surgical abortion. She was 13 weeks pregnant with her unborn baby, according to her records.

She said she refused pain medication because she wanted to feel the same pain her baby would feel – something Abortion on Trial pointed to as more evidence that the abortion facility should not have done the abortion.

On her medical records, the abortion facility claimed her abortion was “medically necessary” because the pregnancy had “a profound, negative impact upon the mental health of this woman.” Her unborn baby’s abortion death also was paid for by taxpayers through the state Medicaid program, according to the records.

Duran said she thought Southwestern Women’s Options had her best interests at heart, but she was wrong. She said she decided to share her story and sue the abortion facility to protect other women and babies from similar fates.

“Nobody loved my baby but me. I wish someone would’ve been there to tell me that my love was enough,” she said.

Jamie Jeffries, the director of Abortion on Trial, accused Southwestern Women’s Options of psychological malpractice.

“This provider should’ve sent Jessica home that day,” Jeffries said. “She was clearly not decided. And had they not taken her phone, prevented her from speaking to family, and shoved her in an isolating room, she probably would’ve found the strength to walk out with her baby alive.”

Jeffries said the abortion facility prioritized selling abortions over a patient’s well-being.

Abortion on Trial told LifeNews that it is involved in Duran’s legal case. A spokesperson said the trial was delayed due to COVID-19.

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