Tucker Carlson Slams Media for Ignoring Andrew Cuomo’s Sexual Harassment Allegations

National   |   Curtis Houck   |   Dec 16, 2020   |   2:15PM   |   Washington, DC

With the liberal media still largely ignoring the sexual harassment allegation made against Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) by former aide Lindsey Boylan, FNC host Tucker Carlson and our friend Steve Krakauer took the press to task on Tuesday for showing no curiosity about evaluating Boylan’s story due to the media’s love affair with the scandal-ridden governor.

Carlson began by noting Cuomo’s recent Emmy Award as a way of quipping that the governor’s long “had a natural knack for something the acting coach is referred to as dramatic irony,” with just one example being how he condemned President Trump in 2018 for, in Carlson’s words, “not taking sexual harassment seriously enough.”

That served as a segue into Boylan’s Sunday Twitter thread revealing Cuomo “sexually harassed me for years” and, to make matters even worse, “[m]any saw it, and watched.”

“So, know what happened next. Nothing happened next, the network newscasters Sunday night on Monday morning did not cover that. We cannot find any evidence that CNN or NBC, purported news networks, mentioned it did it all. ABC News gave it just a brief mention during a local cut-in today,” Carlson added.

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Along with noting that there’s a “new standard,” Carlson read the asinine tweet from USA Today that dismissed Boylan’s assertion due to a lack of “validating evidence.”

Carlson then posed this rhetorical question before bringing Krakauer on board: “The question is, how long has it been a standard, and to whom else does it apply?”

Krakauer emphasized an earlier point of Carlson’s that Boylan has yet to produce direct evidence, but added that “the real issue here” is the “hypocritical, double standard” and lack of aggressiveness as “[w]e have not seen a lot of curiosity about this story so far about media darling Governor Andrew Cuomo” while having reserved no “precaution…when it comes to stories like Brett Kavanaugh.”

With the time remaining, Carlson noted the importance of the media getting to the bottom of Boylan’s story due to rumors of Cuomo’s possible appointment to a key Biden administration post:

CARLSON: I mean, really quick, it is not like there is a lack of news story — worthiness. Just in the last week, Cuomo has been mentioned in many news reports as a contender for attorney general of the United States, so how can you ignore it?

KRAKAUER: Yeah, well, it seems like that is — I do wonder if this is sort of preempting that potential news story there. I do think, obviously, it’s a sticky situation. I mean, the governor’s brother is hosting a show on CNN —

CARLSON: Tucker: Oh.

KRAKAUER: — in prime time right now, so it gets complicated, as we saw both during the COVID crisis that’s continued and the way he was covered there, and certainly with this or any other story that may emerge. I think the media should continue digging on it. I think they are right to exercise caution, but I really hope they learn from this instance and exercise that sort of caution when it’s not the Democratic mayor — Democratic governor of New York.

CARLSON: Eh, one correction, hosting a show is not quite right. Take a 42 minute break from sculpting his lats, I think, is the more correct way to describe it.

LifeNews Note: Curtis Houck writes for Newsbusters, where this column originally appeared.