Yahoo Posts Disgusting Guide Showing People How to Pay to Kill Their Baby in an Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 7, 2020   |   12:07PM   |   Washington, DC

More and more, the modern entertainment culture is pushing abortions on women as a normal, acceptable solution to any problems or fears they may be facing.

Pregnant to a guy who is irresponsible? Have an abortion. Worried about parenting a baby while finishing school? Have an abortion. Want to travel the world or advance in your career? Have an abortion. Worried about all the uncertainties and difficulties of raising a child with special needs? Have a “compassionate” abortion.

Movies, TV shows, women’s magazines, celebrities and politicians are peddling this message, trying to push out of people’s minds the violent final solution that abortion is for unborn babies.

This week, Yahoo News ran a piece exemplary of this pro-abortion mindset, a “state guide” of abortion funds for women who cannot afford one on their own.

Originally published in Cosmopolitan, the piece lists dozens of groups that provide money for abortions, as well as transportation, hotel rooms, meals and even child care for women who have been deceived by the abortion industry.

“Abortions are expensive, but state and local funding is available in many areas, and a volunteer manning the hotline will often be able to assist with some monetary support, as well as offer suggestions on other ways to cover the expense if you still can’t quite cover the procedure,” the piece begins. “For help paying for your abortion.”

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The implied goal of the guide is to help women in need. It’s written in a style similar to articles that inform struggling families about food banks or organizations that provide toys to children over the holidays. But instead of food or gifts, these groups provide money to kill unborn babies.

“Need a ride to a clinic, help setting up travel arrangements, a place to stay overnight, or food while you are in town and recovering? These groups are all willing to help if you are in their area,” the guide continues.

Noticeably, only one of the dozens of listings mentioned assistance for any other “choice” than killing an unborn child. A pro-abortion facility in Indiana called All Options Pregnancy Resource Center “provides support whether a person chooses abortion or to carry to term.”

Along with referring women for abortions, it also offers “referrals for adoption, prenatal care, and parenting support if you really want to have a child but are afraid you don’t have the financial means to make it happen. They are a pro-choice, non-judgmental pregnancy center,” according to the report.

This disturbing new pro-abortion messaging from the entertainment media does a huge disservice to women and children, millions of whom have been harmed or killed in abortions across the past decade. Lost in the supposedly good intentions of the “abortion guide” is the reality that abortion is evil, violent and destructive; it is not health care and it is not necessary or good. Women and their unborn babies deserve better than the deception, violence and death pushed on them by a profit-driven, billion-dollar abortion industry.

Women deserve to know the truth that an abortion destroys the life of their child, a unique, irreplaceable living human being who needs them and depends on them for survival. They deserve to know that abortions risk their physical and mental well-being, too. And they deserve to know about the thousands of pregnancy resource centers, adoption agencies and other pro-life resources that support millions of pregnant and parenting families across the U.S.