Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Lower Courts Can Hear Trump Campaign Lawsuit on Voter Fraud

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 3, 2020   |   4:17PM   |   Madison, WI

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that lower courts in the state can hear the Trump campaign’s lawsuit challenging the election results due to election fraud and voting irregularities.

The Trump campaign informed LifeNews that it welcomes the decision the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision to allow the circuit court to hear the lawsuit challenging absentee ballots unlawfully counted in the presidential election that undoubtedly altered the state’s election results.

The suit includes four cases laying out clear evidence of unlawfulness that affected no less than approximately 221,000 ballots out of over the three million ballots cast in Wisconsin,it said.

“We welcome the direction of the Supreme Court to file in Dane and Milwaukee Counties as we pursue making certain that only legal votes count in Wisconsin – and we will immediately do so. It was clear from their writings that the court recognizes the seriousness of these issues, and we look forward to taking the next step. We fully expect to be back in front of the Supreme Court very soon,” said Jim Troupis, Wisconsin counsel for the campaign. “As I have said before, we will continue fighting on behalf of Wisconsinites and the American people to defend their right to a free and fair election. The only way to do that is by helping to restore integrity and transparency in our elections.”

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In its lawsuit, the Trump campaign says the state violated state law by accepting absentee votes without written requests on file for an absentee ballot, as the law requires.

“The Wisconsin State Legislature has explicitly required an application,” a Trump campaign official told Fox News, saying it is “mandatory and any ballots without an application or with an incomplete application are not to be counted.”

Because the law was abrogated, the campaign says those votes should be thrown out.

The trump campaign also called into question votes with missing or incomplete information. Such votes are supposed to be returned to voters to correct but the campaign asserts that election officials were fixing the ballots themselves instead of sending them back to voters to fix and, as such, it maintains those votes should be thrown out as well.

“In many instances, witness addresses were left off of the envelopes and clerks, using their own knowledge or searching in unknown databases, filled in the information themselves,” a campaign official told Fox News. “According to the statute, this is illegal.”

“If the certificate or envelope is missing a witness address, the ballot cannot be counted until the voter corrects the error — plain and simple,” the official added. “Instead, election officials decided to take the law into their own hands.”

The official added: “These ballots were fraudulently completed and counted, and the illegal ballots should not count toward the certified vote totals.”

The campaign also alleges that election officials did not properly remove all illegal voters from the voting rolls and that election officials in heavily Democrat Madison, Wisconsin put together illegal voting locations that never should have accepted votes and that were promoted by Joe Biden’s campaign as legitimate polling centers.

“This highlights inappropriate coordination between the Biden campaign and the city’s election officials,” the official said, noting that voters “are not allowed to turn in their absentee ballots anywhere other than designated polling locations.”