Media Calls Brutal Attacks on Trump Supporters “Relatively Peaceful”

National   |   Scott Whitlock   |   Nov 17, 2020   |   11:26AM   |   Washington, DC

Rather than focus on the brutal attacks on Trump supporters in Washington D.C. over the weekend (including sucker punches and the harassment of the elderly), the partisan hacks at the network morning shows instead spun them as “relatively,” “mostly peaceful.”

On the Today show, Geoff Bennett blamed Trump fans: “Violent clashes in the nation’s capital over the election results. Trump supporters rejecting the outcome of the race, echoing the President’s false claims of fraud.”

So they were asking for it? He continued, citing relatively peaceful events: “More than 20 people were arrested in what started as relatively peaceful demonstrations, with thousands rallying for President Trump.”

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Here’s what noticed:

Videos show anti-Trump demonstrators shouting at families, sucker-punching people in the street, and harassing an elderly woman carrying a Trump flag.


Another clip posted by Hernandez shows more young Trump supporters being followed and harassed before one of the young men asks a police officer on a bike for help.

CBS This Morning, however, continued the one-sided blame game. Reporter Weijia Jiang singled out: “Still, President Trump’s baseless claims of fraud are fueling his supporters.” She modified Bennett’s “relatively peaceful” to “largely peaceful”:

While the protests were largely peaceful, as the night wore on, fights broke out between Trump supporters and counter protesters. D.C. Police made 21 arrests and four police officers were injured while responding to the clashes.

On Good Morning America, Mary Bruce singled out Trump supporters for having “flood[ed] the streets.”

MARY BRUCE: While Trump vows to keep waging his uphill legal battle against the results, thousands of his supporters this weekend flooded the streets of the capital.

CROWD: Stop the steal! Stop the steal!

BRUCE: Rallying behind the President and flocking to his motorcade as Trump in a nod of approval did a drive-by on his way to his Virginia golf club. As night fell tensions rose. Trump supporters clashing with counter-protesters leading to at least 20 arrests.

To see how Univision hid the violence, go here.

The propaganda on NBC’s Today was sponsored by Walmart. On CBS, it was Cadillac. Click on the links to let them know what you think. Note: Scott Whitlock is a news analyst for the Media Research Center and a contributing writer to NewsBusters, its blog where this item first appeared. Scott’s blogs have been featured in the “Inside Politics” section of the Washington Times and linked to on the Drudge Report. He is a graduate of George Mason University. This originally appeared at Newsbusters.