CBS Compares President Trump to Nazis Because He Wants Election Integrity

National   |   Scott Whitlock   |   Nov 11, 2020   |   3:15PM   |   Washington, DC

CBS’s Gayle King and Major Garrett are really upset. On Wednesday’s This Morning, Garrett fumed about the “mute” GOP destroying “good governance” and “our history” during any possible presidential recount.

He also took a quote attributed to Winston Churchill on the Nazis and used it about Donald Trump: “I will quote Churchill in this one sense about this entire situation we find ourselves in, ‘You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.’” (It’s unclear whether Churchill actually said this, but it’s a Chinese proverb used in the World War II film The Darkest Hour.)

Democratic donor/This Morning co-host Gayle King ranted about the “mute” GOP not congratulating Biden: “But yet in the Republican Party, they have become mute, they’re refusing to acknowledge these results. What is the impact of all of this?”

Garrett forecast doom as a result of delaying Biden’s victory: “It goes against our history, it goes against good governance, and the longer it goes, the deeper it will create divisions in this country about what actually happened in this election, and the president and the Republicans who stand with him will have to bear the responsibility for whatever comes from that.”

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He then threatened Republicans with the judgment of media “history”: “Every sensible Republican on Capitol Hill knows that in his or her heart of hearts. And their mute testament and loyalty to the President will only serve to encourage him to resist was inevitable, the transition of power, and history will judge them harshly.”

How crazed is CBS? In another segment, the network suggested that a delayed concession could cause another 9/11.

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