Joe Biden Considering Pro-Abortion Pete Buttigieg for UN Ambassador if He Wins Election

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 10, 2020   |   5:46PM   |   Washington, DC

Pete Buttigieg, a supposedly moderate Democrat who supports abortions without limits through the third trimester, is rumored to be a top candidate for the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, should Joe Biden win the presidency.

The South Bend Tribune reports Buttigieg’s name has been mentioned in several news outlets as a possible nominee for UN ambassador or Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Buttigieg is a former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who ran against Biden in the Democratic presidential primary. Though mainstream news outlets portrayed him as a moderate, his position on abortion was radical and out of touch with most Americans. In May 2019, he told Fox News host Chris Wallace that he would not limit abortions even in the third trimesterButtigieg also rejected a pro-life Democrat who asked him to respect a diversity of opinions on the issue.

If appointed as UN ambassador, he would have a major influence on global abortion policies.

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Here’s more from the Tribune:

Speculation about Buttigieg’s future began immediately after he withdrew from the presidential race in March and endorsed Biden. At the time, Biden said of Buttigieg: “I don’t think I’ve ever done this before, but he reminds me of my son Beau. … It’s the highest compliment I could give any man or woman.”

In recent weeks, Buttigieg was a busy campaigner for Biden, traveling to other states and making frequent TV appearances.

Politico also speculated that Buttigieg could be appointed to the role. He “has been recently touting his foreign policy knowledge and his allies have been lobbying for a foreign policy post, with some openly suggesting he’d be a great ambassador to the United Nations,” the article states.

Anyone who Biden would appoint, if elected, likely would undo all the progress that President Donald Trump and his administration have made for unborn babies and mothers at the UN. Trump’s appointees to the UN have pushed back aggressively against its pro-abortion agenda and empowered other, less powerful countries to do the same.

Notably, in October, the Trump administration led 33 countries in signing the Geneva Consensus, which declared to the United Nations that aborting unborn babies is not a human right.

The declaration emphasizes the importance of human rights for all people, born and unborn, and medical care for women and children. It encourages countries to work to achieve “better health for women, the preservation of human life and the strengthening of family as the foundational unit of society.”

The Trump administration has been strong in its stance for the rights of unborn babies at the UN.

“My administration is advancing religious liberty, opportunity for women, the decriminalization of homosexuality, combating human trafficking, and protecting unborn children,” Trump told the UN General Assembly in September. “America will always be a leader in human rights.”

In August, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Andrew Bremberg slammed the international agency for “perverting” human rights by advocating for the killing of unborn babies in abortions.

Bremberg also criticized the UN for being “notably quiet” on the horrific reports of human rights abuses in China, including forced abortions through all nine months of pregnancy, infanticide and the placement of ethnic minorities in concentration camps.

Since 2017, Trump has defunded the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) of tens of millions of U.S. tax dollars because it pushes abortions on other countries and has worked with China for decades to implement its oppressive population control policies. Under the pro-abortion Obama administration, U.S. taxpayers gave more than $300 million to UNFPA. Biden is expected to restore that funding if he takes office.