Abortion is the Death Penalty for Unborn Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 6, 2020   |   7:49PM   |   Washington, DC

Kristan Hawkins believes every human being has inherent dignity and deserves a right to life.

That is why she opposes both abortions and the death penalty.

In a new video from Young America’s Foundation, Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America, asked why the political left cares so much about convicts on death row and yet celebrates the killing of unborn babies in abortions.

“Preborn babies … also are human beings. No baby deserves the death penalty, and the real death row is the cold, dark, filthy chairs inside the Planned Parenthood abortion facility,” she said.

A unique, irreplaceable human life comes into being at conception, complete with his/her own unique genetic code. Yet, since 1973, 62 million unborn babies have been legally killed in abortions in the United States.

Hawkins said some people do not apply the same regard to unborn babies that they give to people on death row.

“I do find it troubling that the left is always more concerned about the rights of convicted murderers to live than the rights of preborn babies,” she said, adding, “Life should be protected from womb to tomb.”

Yet, American taxpayers are giving hundreds of millions of dollars to the largest abortion chain in America, Planned Parenthood, she pointed out.

“I have never heard a good argument to justify sending more than $500 million of taxpayer dollars to an organization that kills 320,00 people every year: Planned Parenthood,” Hawkins said. “Yet the left never raises and objection to that systemic killing.”

Though abortion rates are dropping, thanks to pro-life efforts, nearly 900,000 unborn babies are still aborted every year in America. And the scientific evidence has never been clearer that unborn babies are unique, valuable human beings who deserve a right to life.