Feminist Releases Disgusting New Song, “Thank God for Abortion Anthem”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 5, 2020   |   12:51PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activism has become like a religion for some people.

They advocate for the slaughtering of unborn babies with a despicable devotion, an obsession. Christian News Network recently reported on one example, an abortion activist named Viva Ruiz who created a rap video called the “Thank God for Abortion Anthem.”

Ruiz is the founder of the Thank God for Abortion (TGFA) movement, which seeks to normalize the killing of unborn babies and combat the “dominant extreme right wing ‘sin’ perpsective [sic].”

The music video shows her dancing around a church dressed up as the “abortion pope” wearing a mitre that reads “abortion” in gold lettering, according to the report. Her song demands “legal, safe and free” abortions and bodily “sovereignty” from the government.

“God is cool with me/[Expletive] the State; they just can’t take it,” Ruiz sings in the video. “God is cool with me/[Expletive] the Church; they only fake it. God is cool with me/She says, ‘Girl, you know I love you.’/God is cool with me/He says, ‘Girl, you know I got you.’”

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In the video description, Ruiz identifies as a Christian. She also said she had two abortions herself, and she believes God has blessed her.

“I have had two abortions, am Latinx, queer, fluid, and Christian. We know that God loves us and we are blessed,” Ruiz wrote. “Blocking access to abortion is racist, is classist, is ableist, is gender-based violence. We demand that everyone, regardless of faith, stand with us for reproductive freedom under the banner of bodily autonomy: we belong to ourselves.”

What Ruiz failed to see, however, is that abortion is violence, and Christianity teaches that killing innocent human beings, especially children, is evil. Christianity condemns abortion, but Christians do believe that God loves and forgives women who repent of that sin.

The problem is that Ruiz and other radical abortion activists like her do not believe that killing an unborn baby is a sin. In the name of religion, they pervert the truth and lead people astray and, in doing so, further jeopardizing the futures of countless children in society.

True religion, true compassion, does not trample on the rights of innocent human beings. Instead, it lifts up the most vulnerable and protects and defends them even when it requires sacrifice to do so.