Facebook Blocks Pro-Life Pregnancy Center from Fundraising to Help Pregnant Women

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 3, 2020   |   5:22PM   |   Washington, DC

An Illinois pro-life organization trying to raise money to help pregnant women and babies is being censored on Facebook.

The Federalist reports the social media giant rejected the fundraising ad from Illinois Right to Life this fall, claiming it violates its advertising policy.

The ad highlights Project Love, an initiative of Illinois Right to Life to “support pregnant women and new mothers in a financial crisis by providing grants for rent, utility bills or other necessities.” The pro-life organization hoped to raise money through the ad to help mothers and babies in need, but Facebook refused to run it.

“This censorship by Facebook is outrageous,” Brittany Clingen Carl, vice president of the organization, told The Federalist. “Helping women facing crisis pregnancies isn’t a political issue. It isn’t even a social advocacy issue. It’s simply doing the right thing by helping women and their children when they desperately need support.”

Carl said Facebook rejected the ad on the grounds that it violated its temporary restriction on political advertisements.

“New ads about social issues, elections or politics can’t be published in the U.S. from October 27 through November 3, 2020,” Facebook told the pro-life organization.

But Carl said the ad is not political; it simply highlights the need to support pregnant mothers so that they can choose life for their unborn babies.

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“Illinois is currently headed into its second lockdown due to the coronavirus, and many people are facing immense financial hardships,” she said. “Real women need help now, and they are the ones who are ultimately hurt by this ridiculous and arbitrary censorship.”

Meanwhile, the abortion giant Planned Parenthood is still running ads on Facebook.

For years, pro-life and conservative leaders have been accusing Facebook and Twitter of censoring them.

In October, Facebook censored a LifeNews.com article about vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s prosecution of pro-life journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s aborted baby body parts trade.

Two weeks ago, the Media Research Center reported Twitter and Facebook also censored President Donald Trump’s social media accounts and his re-election campaign accounts at least 65 times, but they did not censor Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s accounts at all.

Other recent examples of censorship include: