Louisiana Should Vote Pro-Life, Vote Yes on #1!

State   |   Ben Clapper   |   Nov 2, 2020   |   8:01PM   |   Baton Rouge, Louisiana

FINALLY! Tomorrow is Election Day!

The national election has major implications for the pro-life cause. Whether it’s the Presidential or Congressional elections, there is so much on the line, including the tax-payer funding of abortion, the Supreme Court, and much more. Make sure you vote pro-life!

Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

Senator Cassidy vs. Mayor Perkins

Protect Life on Amendment #1

In Louisiana, the election has heightened importance as our Love Life Amendment is Amendment #1 on our ballot. We have been working on this amendment for 18 months now!

By passing this amendment, we will take one more important step toward building a future in Louisiana without abortion! It will enable us to save lives for generations to come.

Amendment #1 will prevent the abortion industry from getting judges to declare a right to abortion in the Louisiana Constitution, just like what has happened in 13 others states, including Kansas in 2019. As I was quoted in the Advocate, if it happened in Kansas, it can happen here!

But not if we pass Amendment #1!

Regardless of the outcome, I am so grateful to every donor, volunteer, and staff member who has made our Love Life Campaign possible. Thank you for your tremendous sacrifices for life!

I have included below some things you can do today and tomorrow to help pass the Love Life Amendment. You still have time to help us reach undecided voters!

LifeNews Note: Ben Clapper is the director of Louisiana Right to Life.