Christian Leader Eric Metaxas: Birth of His Son Made President Trump “Dramatically Pro-Life”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 2, 2020   |   8:37PM   |   Washington, DC

Like so many others, President Donald Trump did not used to be pro-life.

But the birth of his youngest son changed that, popular Christian author Eric Metaxas told Premier Christian News in a recent interview.

“I do think that he is different from the man he was 15 years ago,” Metaxas said. “For example, I think with the birth of his son Barron, he really became dramatically pro-life.”

He said a close friend of the Trumps told him that Donald and Melania were “typical New York liberals” who supported abortion before their son was born.

“I heard the story from a close friend of his who told me that Trump said that he and Melania were both typical New York, liberals, not evangelicals,” he told the news outlet. “They were firmly pro-abortion but the birth of Barron, who was a surprise — they didn’t expect to have a child – changed both of them.”

Metaxas praised Trump for following through on his pro-life convictions in his presidency. He described Trump as the most “pro-life president in American history” for speaking up for and taking actions to defend unborn babies.

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Over the past four years, Trump took multiple actions to end taxpayer funding to the nation’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, and to stop taxpayer funding of scientific research that uses aborted baby body parts.

His administration has pushed back against global abortion advocacy at the United Nations and introduced rules to protect and expand religious freedom for pro-life individuals and employers. Trump also appointed approximately 200 conservative judges to the federal courts, including three U.S. Supreme Court justices.

Metaxas said Trump has championed conservative religious principles even though he is not well versed in the Bible and “feels uncomfortable about pretending to be some kind of big Christian.”

He said Trump was surprised to receive so much support from Christian voters in 2016; he thought they would condemn him.

“And I think he was stunned when they didn’t, because what he didn’t know about Christianity, and what I think a lot of people don’t know about Christianity, is that at the very heart of our doctrines is this thing called grace,” he continued. “I think that he was startled by that.”

As the election nears, Metaxas said he is praying for God’s will to be done.

“I really do believe we’re at a tipping point,” he told the news outlet. “We’re at a moment when if America as America goes away, the whole world loses a measure of freedom. There’s no America 2.0 that’s going to step in if we go down.”