Last Time She Didn’t Vote for Donald Trump, This Time “Only an Act of God” Could Stop Her

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 30, 2020   |   9:51AM   |   Washington, DC

Katy Faust was not convinced in 2016 that Donald Trump would make a good president, but now she is.

Writing at The Federalist, Faust, the founder of the children’s rights organization Them Before Us, said Trump has achieved a “stunning” amount of progress since he took office four years ago. And he has earned her vote.

Pleased by his peace agreements in the Middle East, record unemployment rates, conservative judicial appointments and more, she said she plans to vote for Trump wholeheartedly in November – and “only an act of God could stop me from doing so.”

Key to her vote has been Trump’s record on life. Though she doubted his sincerity on the issue in 2016, she said she now believes that he is “the most pro-life president of my lifetime.”

Faust continued:

He was the first president to speak at the March for Life, funded pregnancy resource centers using dollars earmarked for Planned Parenthood, ended taxpayer-funded abortions overseas, protected the rights of conscience for prolife health-care providers, and more. Children have a right to life, and this president has used his power to protect it.

Trump has taken numerous actions to protect unborn babies, both on a national and global scale. He defunded Planned Parenthood through his Mexico City and Title X policies and introduced new restrictions to stop taxpayer dollars from funding research using aborted baby body parts. Trump also stopped giving tax dollars to United Nations Population Fund because it pushes abortions on other countries.

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In contrast, “Democrats are consistently on the wrong side of America’s children,” Faust said.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and his party support abortions without restrictions and want to force taxpayers to pay for them. Biden has promised to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law and reverse all of Trump’s actions to protect the unborn. In June, he even said he supports abortions “under any circumstances.”

Though Faust said she still winces at Trump’s “cringe-worthy statements and undisciplined behavior,” she finds the “long list of Democrat Party assaults on the rights and needs of children” even more appalling.

Like so many others, she said she has changed her mind about the Republican president and plans to vote for him for re-election on Nov. 3.