Pro-Biden Ad Falsely Claims Trump Would Drag Pregnant Girls Out of Their Cars to Stop Abortions

National   |   Mary Margaret Olohan   |   Oct 28, 2020   |   4:15PM   |   Washington, DC

A pro-Biden ad predicts a future where cops drag pregnant teens from cars for crossing the border in search of abortions.

Created by the progressive SuperPAC Meidas Touch, an ad released Sunday called “Traffic Stop” shows police stopping a mother and her daughter at night as they seemingly attempt to cross a state border for an abortion.

The ad envisions “what the future holds” if President Donald Trump defeats Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the 2020 election to win a second term, according to the video’s YouTube caption.

“Listen, everything’s going to be ok,” the mother says to her daughter as she stops the car and police sirens blare. “All right? Just let me do the talking. Okay?”

“Where are you headed,” the officer questions them in the ad.

“Uh, we’re just out for a drive,” the mother responded.

“Headed to the border?” the officer asked, and as the mother denied this, he asked the daughter, “What’s your name?”

“Grace,” the daughter said, without looking at the officer.

“Are you pregnant, Grace?” the officer asked the daughter, shining the flashlight on her face.

“Mom…” Grace said, as the officer tells her to step out of the vehicle and both mother and daughter resist.

The ad concludes with the words “Protect Her Rights. Protect Her. Biden/Harris 2020.”


The ad depicts “what the future holds if Trump is elected,” according to the video’s caption, accompanied by the hashtag #WhatsAtStake.

“The heart and soul of our nation is on the ballot next week,” Meidas Touch captioned the video. “Compassion and decency is on the ballot next week. And truths we believed were self-evident, such as a women’s constitutional right to make decisions over her body without government intervention, is on the ballot.”

“Frankly, the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett likely spells the death knell to Roe v. Wade as the constitutional protections surrounding abortion may be eliminated. For those who sat at home last election who are now dismayed at these results and the constitutional liberties now tossed out the window, this is what’s at stake,” the caption said.

“If Trump and the GOP prevail this election, the worst depictions of American dystopia from fiction movies and horror novels will be a reality,” the caption for the video said.

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