Christians Should Vote for President Trump, He’s the Most Pro-Life President in History

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 28, 2020   |   8:58AM   |   Washington, DC

Liberal activists are making a last-ditch effort to try to falsely persuade Christian voters to support Joe Biden, even though he has a lifelong history of supporting abortion.

While Biden supports abortion on demand up to birth and would force Christians to fund abortions, President Donald Trump has compiled a sterling pro-life record. When it comes to Christian issues, he has gone above and beyond to protect pro-life Christians from funding abortions and protected Christian medical professionals from being forced to participate in killing babies in abortions.

In a new OP-ed at Christian Post, Ryan Helfenbein of Liberty University talks about the pro-life record President Trump has put together during his first term:

SIGN THE PLEDGE: I’m Voting for President Donald Trump!

President Trump is the most pro-life president in history. With the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett, the President has now placed 3 conservative on the Supreme Court and appointed over 200 federal judges who are right-leaning, pro-life, constitutionalist judges. He was the first sitting president to ever attend the annual March for Life. Trump has sought to defund Planned Parenthood; reformed Title X funds to no longer fund abortion facilities; reinstituted the Mexico City policy, which prevents federal funding for private abortion providers; and ceased funding for the United Nations Population Fund, which “supports, or participates in the management of, a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization.”

These are just a few of Trump’s pro-life policies and accomplishments in just three and half years. Biden and the Democrats, however, support tax-payer funded abortion on demand with virtually no restrictions, including up to the moment just before birth. This a bloodstained curse upon our country and should by no means be treated with moral equivalency.

Helfenbein also reminded readers that President Trump has been a champion for religious liberty issues.

President Trump signed an executive order in his first few months of office, protecting both free speech and religious liberty. Attorney General Bill Barr has also worked to protect churches and religious groups during Covid-19 who have been unfairly targeted.

By contrast, the Obama administration with Joe Biden, waged war on religious liberty going after organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor for refusing to provide contraceptives to employees, including the Plan B abortion pill – a clear violation of religious conviction and liberty. The Trump administration, however, promptly created an exemption to protect the religious groups from this mandate.

Be closes his piece this way:

In 2020, Christians have no moral dilemma except that of their own making.  This is not a time for foolish pride, moral obfuscation or aesthetic spiritual nonsense. These challenges are real but the choice is simple. This is a time for choosing.

I choose life, faith and freedom. I choose President Trump.

The Christian author is right — President Trump has no record to run on in 2016 so some Christians were recalcitrant to support him. But after four years, President Trump has gone to bat for the pro-life cause time and time again. In fact, here’s the top 13 things President Trump has done for the pro-life movement. And that’s why he deserves our vote.