They Claim They’re Pro-Life, But Democrats Bob Casey and Joe Manchin Voted Against Amy Coney Barrett

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 27, 2020   |   10:12AM   |   Washington, DC

Two Democrat senators who profess to be pro-life voted against the confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Monday.

The U.S. Senate confirmed the conservative, pro-life justice in a 52-48 vote, with every Democrat and one Republican, U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, of Maine, voting against her confirmation

Democrat Sens. Bob Casey Jr., of Pennsylvania, and Joe Manchin, of West Virginia, joined the rest of their party in opposing Barrett. The two men say they are pro-life, but they voted against a highly-qualified, pro-life woman who has the potential to help stop abortions in the U.S. and protect millions of unborn babies’ lives.

“This seat was stolen from the American people,” Casey said after the vote, KDKA Pittsburgh reports.

The Pennsylvania senator claimed Barrett would strike down the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, and take away millions of Americans’ health care.

“Republican Senators have rammed through a justice to cast the deciding vote to strike down the Affordable Care Act that ensures children with disabilities and complex medical needs receive the therapies and care they need,” Casey said.

Manchin based his opposition to Barrett on claims about Republican Senate leaders refusing to follow past precedent and rushing her confirmation, WOWK News 13 reports. He said the Senate should not have filled the seat until after the election.

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“Today the Senate took unprecedented action never before seen in the 240 year history of our country, but it didn’t have to be this way,” the West Virginia senator said. “Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans chose a dangerous, partisan path to push through the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett eight days before this year’s November 3rd election further politicizing the highest court in the land.”

In 2018, Manchin was the only Democrat who voted to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Casey voted against him.

Both have mixed voting records on pro-life issues. Casey votes pro-life 35 percent of the time, while Manchin’s pro-life voting record is 63 percent, according to the National Right to Life Committee.

Students for Life leaders recently rallied outside Casey’s office to urge him to confirm Barrett.

“The Democrats have tried very hard to make Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation about the future of Obamacare, but what it’s really about is the future of abortion law in our country … ” Students for Life president Kristan Hawkins told the Daily Caller. “Our goal this week has been to go out into the states and just show the U.S. Senate this pro-life generation wants them to do their job and confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court.”

Barrett was number one on the Supreme Court wish list for most pro-life voters. A law professor at the University of Notre Dame and former judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, she believes life begins at conception and has noted how both pro-life and pro-abortion legal experts have criticized Roe v. Wade as a bad decision. Barrett criticized the ruling for “ignit[ing] a national controversy” through judicial fiat.

Though her judicial rulings on abortion are few, she did rule in support of two Indiana pro-life laws during her time on the Seventh Circuit. She also has made several statements about the value of babies in the womb. According to the Law and Crime blog, Barrett also signed a public letter in 2015 that emphasized “the value of human life from conception to natural death.”

A mother of seven children, she once worked as a law clerk to the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Like Scalia, Barrett describes herself as an “originalist” judge.

Speaking to the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month, she talked about the proper role of the courts, saying they are not supposed to legislate from the bench. She also refused to back down to attacks from Senate Democrats on her faith, saying she strongly believes in prayer. She thanked the Americans who are praying for her amid those attacks on her Christian faith.

“I believe in the power of prayer and it’s been uplifting that so many people have been praying for me,” Barrett said. “Nothing is more important to me, and I am so proud to have them behind me.”