Joe Scarborough: You’re “Un-American” if You Vote for President Trump

National   |   John Shannon   |   Oct 21, 2020   |   3:42PM   |   Washington, DC

While most left-wing journalists try to channel all their anger at President Trump, they will occasionally go straight to the punch and just start attacking people who support him. On Tuesday morning, the co-hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe scolded American voters who dare, for any reason, to vote for Trump.

With Election Day exactly two weeks away, and millions of Americans already voting, co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski decided it was time to launch a brutal verbal assault against Trump supporters. Apparently triggered by Trump speaking publicly about the Biden family’s alleged corruption on Monday, Scarborough whined that it’s unacceptable to vote for him for any reason:

So, all of these people saying, ‘Oh, you know what, I just don’t vote for Democrats,’ ‘Oh, you know what, I’m just voting for him because of regulations,’ ‘Oh, you know, he doesn’t—‘ Donald Trump, in the last two weeks of the campaign, is raging at his attorney general for not arresting his political opponent. If you’re voting for Donald Trump, that’s who you’re voting for. And if you’re voting for that man who, two weeks from Election Day, is calling for the arrest of his opponent, then you have absolutely no idea what America is about. Let me say it again: you have no idea what this country’s about if you’re supporting a man who, two weeks out, is calling for the arrest of his—you can’t—you can’t explain that away. You can’t explain that away to history. You can’t explain that away to your children or grandchildren. You just can’t. And you can’t plead ignorance because you know better.

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Then, with his nose high up in the air, Scarborough finished his tantrum: “[H]ow anybody can vote for him? I don’t care what your ideology is. I don’t care what your regulations are. I mean, two weeks out, saying that his opponent should be arrested. It is beyond the pale. It is un-American. There’s no other way to put it.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski, of course, was obligated to back him up: “And you make that great point, Joe, that you don’t understand what this country is about, if you’re going to vote for him.”

From listening to the co-hosts, it sounds like this is an election where American voters get to decide between America [voting for Biden] and Trump. This insulting “America or Trump” narrative was apparently the theme of the day, as Morning Joe also featured a commercial from the Lincoln Project that used this narrative to endorse Joe Biden. MSNBC has made its message clear: voting for Trump borders on treason.

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LifeNews Note: John Shannon is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center where this originally appeared.