Joe Biden Attends Church Weekly But Still Thinks Killing Babies in Abortions is a Good Thing

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 20, 2020   |   9:58AM   |   Washington, DC

Putting appearance over policy, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign keeps touting him as a devout Catholic who attends church weekly and carries a rosary.

The problem is that the Democrat presidential candidate also is quietly touting policies that contradict his faith — policies that would erode religious freedom and lead to the killing of more unborn babies in abortions.

A new Financial Times report examined how Biden is using his faith to appeal to Catholic voters, especially in swing states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

According to the report, Catholics, who represent about one-fourth of all voters, are a major voting block and “are seen as reflective of the wider electorate.”

President Donald Trump won Catholic voters in several key swing states in 2016, and a recent poll found he is gaining support among Hispanic Catholics, who tend to be strongly pro-life.

However, it is not clear if Catholic voters will help Trump win another victory in 2020. The report continues:

Four years ago, Mr Trump won Catholic voters nationwide by a seven-point margin over Hillary Clinton, driven by the overwhelming backing of white Catholics in particular. But the polling picture has changed. A Pew survey out last week showed Mr Trump still had an edge over his Democratic challenger among white Catholics, but his lead had contracted by 11 points over the summer.

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Biden also is courting the Catholic vote by identifying as one of them. Here’s more from the report:

Mr Biden, who attends church weekly and often carries rosary beads, frequently invokes his faith on the campaign trail, telling stories about the nuns who taught him as a child in school, or talking about how religion helped him cope with the loss of his first wife and two children.

In a speech last month in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he quoted Pope John Paul II; campaign ads include images of the former vice-president with the current pope, Francis, who has been lauded by progressives for his criticisms of unbridled capitalism and calls for action on climate change.

However, Biden’s talk does not match his policies. On abortion, he is particularly bad.

The Catholic Church teaches that every human life is valuable from conception to natural death, but Biden refuses to acknowledge that truth as it applies to the millions of unborn babies who have been aborted in the U.S.

Biden supports Roe v. Wadethe infamous abortion ruling that led to 62 million unborn babies being aborted. Earlier this month, he promised to pass legislation to make Roe v. Wade “the law of the land” – a move that would prevent states from passing even moderate protections for unborn babies and mothers.

In June, Biden said he believes in a “woman’s constitutional right to choice under any circumstances.” During the coronavirus shutdowns, he even called elective abortions an “essential medical service.”

The Democrat presidential candidate also wants to force taxpayers to pay for elective abortions by ending the Hyde Amendment. Doing so could lead to 60,000 more unborn babies’ deaths by abortion each year.

Also concerning to many Christians, Biden promised to restore an Obama-era mandate that would force the nuns with Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious employers to fund contraception, including types that may cause abortions, in their employee health insurance plans.

Lately, some Catholic leaders have been speaking out openly against Biden’s pro-abortion, anti-religious freedom policies. They include:

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The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops does not endorse candidates or political parties. However, it is encouraging Catholic voters to make protections for unborn babies a “preeminent priority” at the voting booth in November.