Feminist Claims Abortion Bans are Racist Even Though They Would Save Millions of Black Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 20, 2020   |   12:00PM   |   Washington, DC

Very few people have been questioning why pro-abortion feminists are pushing for more abortions in the Black community.

It is no secret that abortion rates are disproportionately high among African Americans compared to other racial groups. And, according to New York City health statistics, more Black babies are aborted in the city annually than are born alive.

These statistics suggest that Black mothers need better support for themselves and their babies, but the pro-abortion feminists who claim to advocate them are pushing for even more abortions instead.

In a piece at the pro-abortion women’s site Refinery 29, writer Stephanie Long claimed that pro-life laws hurt Black women. Pointing to higher maternal mortality rates and financial struggles among African Americans, she argued that more abortions, funded by American taxpayers, are the answer.

“Abortion bans pose a danger to all mothers. For Black women, they’re especially damaging,” Long wrote.

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She continued:

At the center of it all exists America’s most vulnerable population: Black women and girls. As the recent grand jury decision surrounding Breonna Taylor’s murder demonstrated, American institutions do not protect Black women. And why would they? They’re not intended to do so. This fact is evident in the various systems of oppression that make it difficult for Black women to survive in this country. It’s evident in how they are treated in the workplace. It’s evident in their experience of excessively high rates of pregnancy-related deaths, many of which are preventable, but are exacerbated by a discriminatory healthcare system. And it’s evident in abortion restrictions that disproportionately harm Black women. All of this is a reminder of how long-standing systemic racism is built into every facet of our society; it’s why Black and brown lives are not safe, and never have been.

There is some truth in what Long wrote, but she failed to recognize that abortion is a huge part of the problem. The American abortion industry is rooted in discrimination, and it is not even making its targeting of minority women a secret anymore.

Pro-abortion groups are aiming to destroy more of the Black population through abortions. They specifically mention minorities in their campaigns against pro-life legislation and the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding for elective abortions. But Planned Parenthood and others are good at disguising their racist goals in compassionate terms, claiming women need to abort their unborn babies to live and thrive.

According to Long’s article:

In states like Georgia, … the Hyde Amendment has been deployed to ban the use of state Medicaid funding to cover the cost of abortion care in most cases. Worth noting: Georgia has one of the highest Black maternal mortality rates in the country, making it clear their policy isn’t borne out of concern for women or children. It’s why reproductive justice advocates of color are fighting to end racist and classist legislation like the Hyde Amendment.

Long also brought up maternal mortality rates as a reason why Black women need more abortions.

“There is no arguing the fact that abortion bans disproportionately harm Black people, who are three times as likely to die during childbirth as white people,” she claimed. “Making it more difficult for Black people to access reproductive healthcare literally puts their lives at risk.”

The maternal mortality rate is a serious problem, but the solution is not to kill more unborn babies. Maternal mortality can be reduced by better maternity care, education and parenting support. The real question is why so-called women’s rights groups are advocating for abortions, rather than making these life-saving resources their focus.

Abortion activists portray themselves as champions for minorities but they are advocating for killing more minority babies in abortions. They are not focusing on real solutions to maternal mortality or oppression. Rather, they are pushing for the very things that they claim to oppose: racism and the destruction of Black lives.