Ten Reasons Americans Should Vote for President Donald Trump

Opinion   |   Father Frank Pavone   |   Oct 14, 2020   |   3:55PM   |   Washington, DC

There are hundreds of reasons to vote for President Trump in this election, and to vote to give him a Republican House and Senate that can do its part to accomplish his agenda, including the fuller de-funding of Planned Parenthood. For convenience, I’ve summarized here ten reasons to give the President a second term.

  1. He loves his country and puts America first.

You can’t lead a country if you don’t love it. He does. He unites America by rallying us around its founding principles, protecting its identity by protecting its courts, borders and history. He lives and inspires the virtue of patriotism, opposing both globalism and socialism. He puts America first, not in a way that despises other countries but in a way that better enables us to serve them. He tears up international agreements that put America at a profound disadvantage – such as the Paris Climate Accord and NAFTA – and instead accomplishes deals that benefit everyone involved, like the USMCA. He has the same “frontier mentality” that the Founders and the explorers have: there are greater heights to reach, both on earth and in space, and the best is yet to come.

  1. He believes the power belongs to the people, not government bureaucracy.

“Faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the American way,” President Trump declares at his rallies. He calls us, his fellow citizens, the elite. He restores power to us: freedom of religion, freedom to choose our children’s schools, freedom to grow businesses without burdensome government regulations, and the freedom that comes by achieving, as he has done, the strongest economy ever, the lowest unemployment levels, and the strongest energy independence in decades. Because he believes in the people, and connects with the minds and hearts of Americans, we have the unprecedented phenomenon of people chanting, “We Love You!” at his rallies.

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  1. He did not come into office as a politician, and has broken the mold of political correctness.

President Trump is the most transparent president in history. He doesn’t hide behind a veil of bureaucratic silence; instead, he engages the press in briefings, and the public in tweets. You always know what he’s thinking, where he stands, and how he’s fighting for you. You know that he rejoices in the things that help the people and gets angry at the things that hurt the people. He doesn’t bow to political correctness or to the establishment either on the left or the right. Unlike past presidents, who did not energetically fight back when attacked by the Left, he does fight back, and wins.

  1. He keeps his promises and does more than he promises, breaking achievement records and accomplishing things past Administrations have tried but failed to do.

Among numerous examples, the President moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Past presidents of both parties had agreed that was a good idea and promised to do it, but failed. President Trump started the Space Force, even though that was never mentioned in campaign promises. He had been told North Korea was an unsolvable problem, yet he negotiated with them and calmed a tense situation. He was told that trade negotiations with China should never be promised, yet he accomplished them. And he accomplished the first Middle-East Peace Accord in a quarter of a century.

  1. He built the strongest American economy in history and is rebuilding it again.

Never in our history and never in the world has the American economy reached the heights to which President Trump brought it prior to the pandemic. Not only did it become the strongest economy, but also the most inclusive, with minorities benefiting as never before from jobs, business growth, median household income, and more. He brought us to a 17-year record in poverty reduction. Even since the pandemic, the economy has bounced back sharply, and the last several months have seen more than half of the jobs lost by the pandemic restored. In fact, there has never been a period in American history of the kind of continuous job growth we’ve seen in these recent months.

  1. He protects religious freedom.

President Trump has said he wants to be remembered as the President who prayed more than any other, and his Campaign holds prayer events practically every day. He has defended the rights of students to pray in school, of university students to bear witness to their faith on campus, of clergy to speak more freely in the pulpit, and of ministries like Priests for Life, Catholic University of America and many others to be free from the HHS mandate.

  1. He protects the right to life.

No president has done more for the unborn than President Trump. On the state, federal and international level he has in fact de-funded Planned Parenthood to the extent that the Executive Branch can do so, protecting billions of dollars from going to the abortion industry. He has urged Congress to do its job in sending him pro-life legislation, indicating his intention to sign it, as well as to veto any bill that would weaken existing pro-life protections. He has taken numerous executive actions to raise the status of children in the womb.

  1. He exposes and eliminates corruption and unfairness in government, business, trade agreements and media.

President Trump is draining the swamp, calling out in word and action those who spied on his campaign and attempted a coup of a duly-elected President. He exposes unfairness in trade and other international agreements, calls out the lies of the media, and insists on transparency in business, instituting such things as price transparency, ending surprise medical billing, and insisting that insurance companies be up front about whether they cover abortion.

  1. He dismantles terrorist networks, drug cartels and human trafficking operations.

The President has rid the world of its top terrorist leaders, destroyed the ISIS caliphate, dismantled over 3000 drug trafficking organizations, doubled the number of convictions for those engaged in human trafficking, sent out of the country some 500,000 criminals who weren’t supposed to be here to begin with, including 20,000 violent gang members, and much more.

  1. He protects our borders and our communities.

Without border security, we don’t know who is coming into our country, and cannot screen those who are coming with malicious intent or infectious disease. With the wall, and with improved procedures and policies, our borders are safer than ever before, while our country remains the most generous in the world in welcoming immigrants.

So yes, I don’t have any problem deciding to vote enthusiastically for President Donald Trump.

See more of the President’s accomplishments on a wide range of issues at www.ProLifePresident.com.

LifeNews.com Note:  Father Frank Pavone is the national director for Priests for Life.