CBS Praises Andrew Cuomo Despite Him Killing 15,000 Nursing Home Patients

National   |   Scott Whitlock   |   Oct 13, 2020   |   2:59PM   |   Washington, DC

The journalists on CBS This Morning on Tuesday asked Andrew Cuomo just one single question about his disastrous decision to send COVID patients into nursing homes, a move that needlessly killed thousands. Because one must be gentle with the New York Governor, Gayle King then proceeded to gush over his “hard truth” telling and the Democrat’s refusal to “sugarcoat” things as he handled COVID

Here’s the best that co-host Tony Dokoupil could manage, gently wondering if Cuomo would “do things differently”:

It would seem that one of the bigger mistakes we can all agree on was back in March the state of New York sending sick COVID positive seniors back to nursing homes, thousands died in those nursing homes, no matter how you count it. A big portion of the overall death toll. Knowing what you know now looking back, I’ve got to assume you would do things differently.

After that question, King swooped in to change the subject and promote Cuomo’s book on “leadership lessons”:

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I felt in real time we were learning what you were thinking and the decision-making process. You said, “Listen, there’s no blueprint for any of this.” You said you had to develop trust and trust leads to truth. So 19 days in when you ordered that lock down, how did you think or did you think people would pay attention to what you were saying? Because none of us had been in this situation before.

If these journalists wanted to be tough, they could have asked how it’s appropriate to write a book touting leadership when you made a disastrous decision like forcing nursing homes to take COVID-positive patients. Of course, they didn’t do that. Instead King hailed the Democrat as a “hard truth” teller who wouldn’t “sugarcoat” things:

You know, you gave us hard truths. You didn’t try to sugarcoat when we needed to hear the truth. And you also talked about your own vulnerabilities…. You exposed a lot of your own vulnerabilities. I’m wondering as a governor of the state how you were navigating that and your own personal duties, too?

Perhaps Cuomo doesn’t have to sugarcoat things because he has media outlets like CBS This Morning for that. The network repeatedly covered up his nursing home disaster, before finally talking about it in August. In September, the governor publicly threatened physical harm to Donald Trump. CBS, alone among the morning shows, censored the news.

The effort to cover and spin for Cuomo on CBS was sponsored by Progressive insurance and Amazon. Note: Scott Whitlock is a news analyst for the Media Research Center and a contributing writer to NewsBusters, its blog where this item first appeared. Scott’s blogs have been featured in the “Inside Politics” section of the Washington Times and linked to on the Drudge Report. He is a graduate of George Mason University. This originally appeared at Newsbusters.