CNN Host Chris Cuomo Wants to “Choke” and “Punch” Tucker Carlson

National   |   Nicholas Fondacaro   |   Oct 7, 2020   |   9:08AM   |   Washington, DC

During the usual handoff banter between Chris “Fredo” Cuomo (PrimeTime) and Don Lemon (CNN Tonight) on Tuesday, the former flashed his penchant for physical violence when he said he wanted to “choke” and “punch” his critics at the Fox News Channel. “What could have set him off,” you might ask. Well, earlier that evening, FNC host Tucker Carlson again exposed Fredo going maskless while not social distancing in public. One could even say he was a hypocrite.

Cuomo’s roid-rage flashed when Lemon asked him about the right way to deal with his “detractors” over on “state television,” the not so clever nickname CNN has for their higher-rated competitor. “Naked choke,” he blurted out. “A punch to the sternum.” Lemon said it was best to just ignore them.

But something clearly had gotten under Fredo’s skin. Now, we can’t know for sure, but earlier in the night Carlson spent just over four and half minutes of his opening monologue proving Fredo to be a hypocrite when it came to mask-wearing in the age of coronavirus.

After playing a video of Cuomo absolutely losing his mind over President Trump not wearing a mask with no one around him and calling it “bullshit,” Carlson mocked him for the “unscripted” moment. “Standing on the White House balcony, Trump was a human bioweapon, a WMD. It was immoral and Chris Cuomo would know precisely how immoral it was because he has done it himself,” he reminded viewers.

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Carlson recalled how Fredo was caught breaking his quarantine last Spring as he hung out with his family and friends while still contagious and without anyone (including himself) wearing a mask. And he assailed the elderly man who found him and called him out

CARLSON: This spring, Chris Cuomo got COVID. You may have noticed; they did like 27 shows in a row about it. Cuomo told us he was quarantined in his basement, but let’s be honest, there are only so many squats you can do in the mirror, it got boring after a while. So Chris Cuomo secretly left his house, took off his mask — oh, yes, ladies and gentlemen — and wandered around the Hamptons. While wandering, he promptly ran into this man who wondered what he was doing and ask himself. And here’s what happened next.

DAVID WHELAN: And I just said “Don’t you have the coronavirus? Shouldn’t you be quarantined”? And I think his next words were, “what the hell do you know about this, what you know about the rules?” [SCREEN WIPE] I said, you’re not supposed to be out here, nobody had gloves on, nobody had masks on.

“Okay, so it turns out Chris Cuomo doesn’t think he should have to wear a mask outside,” he added as dispelled the notion that he and his show were against mask-wearing in general. “Masks are great, they have their place, surgeons wear masks in operating rooms, people were masks in elevators and crowded stores, good for them, it probably helps. We’ve been arguing that for six months,” he said.

But the evidence of Cuomo’s COVID hypocrisy didn’t stop there. Carlson had a picture of Fredo whipping his nose out at a swanking Long Island restaurant just this past weekend: “Chris Cuomo calls us immoral for doubting the rules and then in private he whips off his mask the second he can. Here are pictures of Chris Cuomo this weekend standing at a restaurant in Long Island, cigar in his hand, but no mask.”

“Again, we don’t judge Chris Cuomo. Chris Cuomo judges us,” Carlson quipped.

LifeNews Note: Nicholas Fondacaro writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.