CNN Blames Americans Dying From Coronavirus on Trump: It’s “Homicidal Negligence”

National   |   Duncan Schroeder   |   Oct 5, 2020   |   10:37AM   |   Washington, DC

On Saturday afternoon’s CNN Newsroom, host Ana Cabrera brought on ultra-hyperbolic political analyst Carl Bernstein to make insane accusations towards President Trump, accusing him of “homicidal negligence” for his coronavirus response. Naturally, Bernstein demonstrated that left-wing hacks such as himself completely lack empathy by accusing Trump of jeopardizing “national security” by how he has handled informing the public about his battle with COVID-19.

Cabrera initiated the hackery by launching into the entirely media-driven narrative that the White House was not being transparent about the President’s health:

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This morning, the President’s doctor gave a rosy assessment, saying Trump is doing very well. But not even an hour later, a source told reporters the President’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and that the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care. CNN political analyst, journalist, and author Carl Bernstein is joining us now. Carl, we saw that update today with the President’s doctor. It looked really more like a political news conference. And the White House has done a lot of confirming information only after it’s been reported, reactive versus proactive.

Bernstein fed into the unverifiable narrative and nastily accused Trump of “homicidal negligence”:

Obviously not. The White House has never been transparent enough about anything under Donald Trump of consequence to the national security of this country — of this country. But let’s take a deep breath here and look at — at what really is the pattern going back to January 28th when Trump was first informed by his national security adviser and deputy about this virus and what a great threat it posed. And since then, his response has been homicidal negligence. He has failed to protect the American people and rather to put his own interest of re-election and holding on to the office of the presidency in front of the health and well-being of the American people. And what we are seeing in this last week is the same thing, this willingness, this negligence, even as he himself has become stricken with this horrible disease, his interest in front of the country’s, for purposes of his election.

Even when the President is sick with COVID, Bernstein ghoulishly attacked him over how he is handling being sick. Of course this is no surprise coming from Bernstein, who has made a number of insane accusations towards the President such as that Trump is responsible for the worst “failure of leadership” by a president “in the history of America.”

“Homicidal negligence” also seems to be the new favorite term of the hacks at CNN. Recently, Cabrera encouraged one of her guests to accuse Trump of such.

flouting those recommendations of his own health experts.

Like he usually does, Bernstein then declared that Trump is worse than Nixon because Watergate seems to be the only thing that keeps him relevant:

Look, you know, it’s — it’s known that — that Bob Woodward and myself, we covered Watergate. This far exceeds the horrors of Watergate. These are horrors committed by a felonious presidential felon, really, a felon — felonies committed against the people of the United States and their health and welfare and safety and national security.

Even when Trump has been ill from COVID, the nasty CNN hacks haven’t taken a break from their disgusting attacks.

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