Hillary Clinton Campaign Spokesman on President Trump’s Coronavirus: “I Hope He Dies”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 2, 2020   |   12:12PM   |   Washington, DC

Democrats told America during the 2016 campaign that “Love trumps hate.” But today hate trumps love as some Democrats are wishing ill on President Donald Trump after he announced he had tested positive for the corona-virus.

There are been thousands of horrific tweets in response to the president and First lady Melania Trump announcing their positive tests but the worst was probably the one from Zara Rahim, the former campaign spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton.

“I hope he dies,’ the former Obama White House staffer said.

One conservative on twitter captured a screen shot of the tweet and responded, “This isn’t some random Twitter troll. Zara worked with Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama. Disturbed, evil Democrats are cheering right now.”

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As of press time for this article, Clinton has not issued any rebuke to her former spokeswoman or condemned the tweet in any way. But Rahim wasn’t alone.

Max Berger, a former Elizabeth Warren campaign staffer, showed his level of hate as well, saying Trump “did this to himself” by “inflicting this same misfortune upon millions of others.”

“He’s a corrupt, white supremacist criminal who’s responsible for more American deaths than 9/11 and the wars in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and WWI combined. No one should feel bad for him,” the disgusting tweet added.