ABC Pushes Vile Fake Claim That Amy Barrett’s Christian Group Inspired Handmaid’s Tale

National   |   Kyle Drennen   |   Sep 24, 2020   |   2:54PM   |   Washington, DC

On Thursday, ABC’s Good Morning America tried to preemptively slander potential Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett by pushing the false claim that a Christian group she belonged to was the inspiration for the authoritarian theocracy depicted in the far-left fantasy, The Handmaid’s Tale. The vile segment also touted the pro-abortion lobby attacking the “devout Catholic” federal judge.

At the top of the 7:30 a.m. ET half hour report, correspondent Tom Llamas warned: “With a Senate confirmation, the scales on the Supreme Court will tip 6 to 3 in the conservatives’ favor. And the White House is signaling right now, as far as the nominees are concerned, the more conservative, the better.” Moments later, he noted that “Barrett is the apparent frontrunner,” labeling her a “devout Catholic” who is “is supported by religious conservatives and anti-abortion activists.”

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After touting a clip of Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein attacking Barrett’s faith during a 2017 Senate confirmation hearing by declaring “The dogma lives loudly within you,” Llamas channeled the fears of left-wing groups like Planned Parenthood, which was founded on racism and eugenics:

Pro-choice groups have raised concerns over how Barrett would vote on abortion issues. Planned Parenthood condemned the judge’s nomination to the federal bench. Since she was appointed, she hasn’t issued a ruling on abortion and hasn’t questioned Roe v. Wade’s overall precedent, but critics say she’s sided against rulings that strike down restrictions on abortions.

Beyond the usual leftist wailing about abortion, Llamas went on to push a vile assertion that he knew was fake:

Also under the microscope, Barrett’s link to a small charismatic Christian community called People of Praise….According to its website, “many of its members choose to make a lifetime commitment to the community – a covenant.” Members are assigned a personal adviser. Men were called “heads” and women were called “handmaids.” But those titles since changed to “leaders,” amid speculation the group may have inspired the novel and Emmy-award winning drama The Handmaid’s Tale.

After hyping the made-up smear, he then admitted that it wasn’t true: “But author Margaret Atwood saying that’s not accurate, telling ABC News there were several inspirations.”

Despite that, Llamas still tried leave the door open to the possibility: “But because her notes are locked in a closed library due to COVID, quote, ‘I hesitate to say anything specific for the major influences on the book, I certainly did not confine myself to one sect or group. So I don’t think this is a thread can be legitimately used in this way.’”

He then briefly noted: “People of Praise insisting they did not inspire Atwood’s story and that the organization ‘does not take positions on political matters, legislation, or constitutional interpretation.’”

Sadly, ABC is only the latest media organization to push this disgusting and bigoted fake news.

As much as Democratic Party hacks in the press love to pretend that pro-abortion politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are “devout Catholics,” when it comes to conservatives, that term suddenly becomes a cudgel to bash people who actually take their faith seriously.

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