Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Hosting Pro-Abortion Rally for Joe Biden

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 23, 2020   |   7:07PM   |   Washington, DC

Hillary Clinton and the Planned Parenthood abortion chain are teaming up for an event Thursday to promote Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The New York Post reports Biden’s campaign announced the event this week as a public “training on resiliency” with Clinton, a twice failed presidential candidate, and Alexis McGill Johnson, the president of Planned Parenthood.

“Women for Biden will host a national training on resiliency in the face of multiple national crises and the recent loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” the campaign said.

“This training will feature Hillary Rodham Clinton and Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Alexis McGill Johnson, who will discuss what’s at stake for women and how we energize and mobilize in the final weeks of the campaign,” it continued.

The campaign aims to appeal to women voters, noting that they have been “bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 crisis, filling essential roles in the economy and balancing work and family responsibilities.”

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Biden’s campaign also claimed that women are suffering a great loss because of Ginsburg’s death. Though the campaign did not mention abortion specifically, legalized abortion and the future of Roe v. Wade have been at the center of talk about the open Supreme Court seat. Ginsburg was a staunch abortion advocate during her nearly three decades on the court, and pro-life advocates hope that her replacement will uphold laws that protect unborn babies and mothers from abortion.

“Americans have long been inspired by Justice Ginsburg and her work advancing equality and opportunity, and her passing has left many feeling a great sense of loss,” the campaign stated. “The future of the Supreme Court has also made the stakes in this election blatantly clear.”

Those “stakes” include the lives of millions of unborn babies and the future of the billion-dollar abortion industry, of which Planned Parenthood is the leader in the U.S.

Biden, Clinton and Planned Parenthood hold radical pro-abortion positions that are out of touch with most Americans. They want abortion on demand to remain legal without restriction, and they also want to force taxpayers to fund elective abortions by ending the Hyde Amendment.

According to a June poll by SBA List, a majority (50%) of voters – including 55% of independents — said they would be less likely to support Biden because of his support for taxpayer-funded abortions. Polls from Marist and Harvard University show similarly strong opposition to taxpayer-funded abortions.