Senate Approves Six More Trump Judges, Including Pro-Life Judges Who Want Roe Overturned

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 18, 2020   |   9:36AM   |   Washington, DC

The U.S. Senate approved six more conservative judges to federal courts on Tuesday and Wednesday, prompting outrage from pro-abortion groups.

Appointed by President Donald Trump, the judges will fill open seats in California and Illinois, The International Business Times reports.

To date, Trump has appointed more than 260 judges to federal courts. It is a huge upset to the abortion industry, which has relied on the courts to keep abortion on demand legal for decades.

After the votes Tuesday and Wednesday, prominent pro-abortion groups blasted Senate Republican leaders for confirming judges who are “extremely hostile to reproductive freedom.”

They especially targeted David Dugan and Stephen McGlynn, who will fill seats in the Eastern District of Illinois, Alternet reports. Both judges receive praise from pro-life organizations for supporting rights for unborn babies.

Anisha Singh, the director of judiciary affairs at Planned Parenthood, claimed the judges’ “records demonstrate they are more likely to be threats to people’s health, rights and bodily autonomy.” Singh also slammed the U.S. Senate for voting for judges when it should be passing another coronavirus relief bill, according to the report.

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Lena Zwarensteyn of The Leadership Conference went so far as to call it “deeply cruel” that Senate leaders would “prioritize” the appointment of pro-life judges over the pandemic. She claimed Dugan and McGlynn are “unfit” for the bench because they believe it is wrong to kill unborn babies.

“The confirmations of David Dugan and Stephen McGlynn put that court takeover into stark relief. Both have worked against reproductive freedom in their professional and personal capacities,” Zwarensteyn said in a statement. “Dugan previously campaigned on an anti-abortion stance and questioned the legality of Roe. Similarly, McGlynn has been instrumental in pushing forward an anti-abortion agenda in Illinois. Their records on this and other critical civil and human rights make them unfit for lifetime positions.”

Their harsh criticism is an encouraging sign about the future for unborn babies.

The abortion industry cannot win in the court of public opinion. In the last 10 years, Americans have voted in strong pro-life state legislatures that have passed hundreds of laws to protect unborn babies and mothers from abortion. Thwarted at the ballot box, the abortion industry has come to rely on activist judges to block these laws and keep its deadly, billion-dollar work going.

Now, Trump and the U.S. Senate are dismantling its power by replacing its judicial allies with pro-life judges who will uphold basic rights for all Americans, including those who are not yet born.