Abortion Biz Killed 23,000 Babies During Coronavirus, Calls It COVID’s “Silver Lining”

International   |   SPUC   |   Sep 17, 2020   |   2:44PM   |   London, England

BPAS has hailed the deaths of 23,000 unborn babies killed at home a “silver lining” of the pandemic.

In a series of disturbing remarks, British abortion giant BPAS called the dangerous DIY abortion regime a “success story” of the Coronavirus pandemic. Figures published recently by the Department of Health and Social Care show that over 23,000 unborn babies were killed in England and Wales during the lockdown period, with women taking both abortion drugs at home.

In a chilling statement made on the Times Radio talk show, Clare Murphy, Chief Executive of BPAS said: “This is absolutely the way forward, and I’d say in terms of what’s happened with abortion in the course of the pandemic. Absolutely this has been one of the health success stories.

“…Women can have a telephone conversation and pills can be dispensed very quickly.

“This is a real health success story and one that we should really recognize as being one of the health silver linings of the pandemic and one that we should hold on to.”

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Antonia Tully, SPUC Director of Campaigns, said: “To describe DIY home abortion as a ‘silver lining’ is not only distasteful but utterly disrespectful of the harrowing experiences of many women up and down the country.

“How many of these women accessing home abortion drugs have been coerced or pressured by an abusive partner into having an abortion? How many women past 10 weeks’ gestation were receiving abortion drugs? How many women suffered health complications or had undiagnosed conditions such as ectopic pregnancies? These questions must be answered.”

Abortion regulations approved by the government earlier this year mean that women can now get abortion drugs following a phone call, without ever having to meet a doctor. Abortion drugs are then posted to women who carry out their own abortion at home.

Voices of women hurt by this abortion regime must be heard

SPUC has been reporting on the adverse effects that home abortions have had on some women during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Describing her home abortion, one woman said: “Lockdown gave me time to torture myself of thoughts of a baby that will never exist. It seemed like every time I turned on the news, I saw images of new mothers. They’d had their babies during a worldwide crisis, while I’d flushed mine down the loo.

“While I’m grateful my family have escaped the worst of the virus, I still feel I’ve lost someone during the pandemic, but it’s not a loss I can openly mourn.”

Antonia Tully said: “To further the agenda of the abortion industry, giants like BPAS are promoting dangerous DIY abortions as a ’success stories’ whilst ignoring the experiences of women who have been hurt by their abortion.

“It is vital that this dangerous abortion regime is halted and that the voices of women who have been affected by these reckless regulations are heard.”