Missouri Governor Candidate Nicole Galloway is Radically Pro-Abortion

State   |   Missouri Right to Life   |   Sep 16, 2020   |   6:19PM   |   Jefferson City, MO

The closer we get to the November election, the more is revealed about the anti-life positions of Nicole Galloway and how closely she is connected to the abortion supporting extremists of the Democrat party,” said Susan Klein, Executive Director of Missouri Right to Life. Klein cited “Two examples of Galloway’s extreme pro-abortion positions”:

First, this week Galloway received what some call “the prized endorsement of Joe Biden”. This endorsement would only be given to a candidate that fully supports the extreme party positions of the Democrat party. And, the Democrat party’s platform regarding life is indeed extreme and evil. To be a Democrat in good standing, you must support abortion at any time, for any reason up to and after a baby is born. Galloway supports abortion and that is proven through her receipt of Biden’s endorsement and her support from the abortion industry. Galloway is being rewarded for her willingness to be pro-abortion and opposed to protecting a baby in her mother’s womb. Under a Galloway administration, more babies will die horrendous deaths and women will suffer regret from their abortion because of the deceptions of the abortion industry and the Democrat leaders who support abortion.

Secondly, this week, a suit was filed against Galloway showing proof that she used her office, as she was announcing her run for Governor, to say that HB 126, the pro-life legislation of 2019, was extreme.

Just to be clear, HB 126 protects a baby that has a beating heart and that can feel excruciating pain during an abortion from being torn apart limb by limb. HB 126 also requires that abortion clinics be inspected annually for safety, but Galloway opposed that also.

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Klein continued

We don’t consider it extreme to protect an innocent tiny little baby from an excruciating death. And, we don’t consider it extreme to protect women from the deceptions of the abortion industry.

This election cycle pro-life Missourians have a clear choice:

Nicole Galloway is pro-abortion and has proven that she will fall in line with the liberal anti-life leaders of the Democrat party. Galloway is BAD for Missouri!

Mike Parson is pro-life and has a proven record of providing alternatives to abortion, protecting women and unborn babies.