Pro-Abortion Group Says Abortion Will End if President Trump is Re-Elected

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 14, 2020   |   6:54PM   |   Washington, DC

A prominent pro-abortion group told its supporters that abortions may end if President Donald Trump is re-elected in November.

Reacting to Trump’s new list of potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees, NARAL wrote Thursday on Twitter: “They’re making it as clear as can be: four more years of Trump could mean four more Supreme Court justices and the end of reproductive freedom in this country. We can’t let that happen.”

To NARAL, “reproductive freedom” means abortion on demand without restrictions, funded by American taxpayers. It plans to spend $34.7 million this year to elect pro-abortion candidates who will work toward that goal, Breitbart reports.

The pro-abortion group claimed Americans are on its side, writing, “We know that abortion is front and center in 2020: Support for abortion rights is at an all-time high and polling confirms reproductive freedom is a major issue for Democratic and Independent voters.”

But most polls show the opposite: Most Americans support limits on abortion and oppose taxpayer funding for them.

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NARAL’s presidential candidate of choice, Joe Biden, supports its goals and has promised to appoint justices to the U.S. Supreme Court who uphold Roe v. Wade. The infamous ruling made the United States just one of seven countries in the world that allows elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Since the ruling, more than 61 million unborn babies have been aborted.

When NARAL endorsed Biden earlier this year, it praised him for his commitment to abortion.

“Joe Biden has outlined his commitment to protecting and expanding reproductive freedom by vowing to work to safeguard Roe v. Wade, only appoint judges who will respect Roe, support the repeal of the racist and discriminatory Hyde Amendment, and use executive action to protect and expand access to abortion and contraception, including reversing Trump’s rules gutting reproductive freedom, like the global and domestic gag rules,” the pro-abortion group said in a statement.

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL, also praised Biden as a “deeply compassionate and thoughtful leader who knows that fighting for reproductive freedom for everybody.”

But nether Biden nor NARAL have any compassion for unborn babies, each one of whom is a unique, living human being from the moment of conception. But because of the U.S. Supreme Court, states are prohibited from protecting their lives in most circumstances.

Last week, pro-life leaders praised Trump for his choices of potential Supreme Court nominees. They include conservative jurists who pro-life groups support because they have a history of upholding pro-life legislation or following the rule of law rather than legislating from the bench.

During his campaign in 2016, Trump released a similar well-received list that remind pro-life voters about the importance of judges in the presidential election and how the Supreme Court has kept virtually unlimited abortions in place since 1973. Trump eventually nominated Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch from that list, both of whom have since ruled in favor of pro-life laws.