CNN Says Trump Voters are Stupid, Don’t Care About Americans Dying From Coronavirus

National   |   Duncan Schroeder   |   Sep 14, 2020   |   9:04AM   |   Washington, DC

On Saturday evening’s CNN Newsroom, host Ana Cabrera colluded with former Republican strategist Rick Wilson and senior political analyst Kirsten Powers to hurl hatred and venom towards President Trump and his supporters.

The perpetually disturbed, hateful, and Confederate cooler-toting Wilson claimed Trump supporters are so “divorced from reality” they would willfully contract “the black plague” if Trump said “that the black plague is awesome.”

With Cabrera and Powers, they expressed dismay how the race wasn’t looking like a Biden landslide, as if to lament that millions of Americans are too stupid to understand what’s good for them. Cabrera and Wilson began by assaulting Trump for supposedly putting his supporters “in danger” and attacking his supporters for being out of touch with “reality” (click “expand”):

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CABRERA: Rick, we can lay all that out, but we have seen this week and we are seeing again this afternoon, people lining up to see the President because they don’t believe he would ever do anything to put them in danger. So what is being lost in translation here?

WILSON: Well, there is a separate reality bubble around the Trump world. They — they get their news from Facebook and another network. They are hermetically sealed against reality. And so they believe that there is no such thing, they believe only 9,000 people have died of COVID instead of a two hundred thousand. They believe that the President is — confers on them some sort of — of almost magical immunity to the — to the reality of this world and it’s tragic and as we’ve seen, we have major gatherings such as that happened in Sturgis, such that happened at university campuses, we get major outbreaks to follow. We will have outbreaks following these events. They’re not social distancing, they’re not wearing masks, because Donald Trump has told them that those things aren’t part of — of what’s — the way we have to face up to COVID. He’s promising them a magical vaccine at the beginning of November. No such vaccine exists. It is a — it is a cruel delusion that he is creating for these people.

This venomous rhetoric is not a surprise coming from Wilson. Earlier this year, the hateful hack joined with CNN’s Don Lemon and Wajahat Ali to mock Trump supporters for supposedly being too dumb to do math and read maps. Wilson has also referred to Trump voters as his “rube ten-tooth base.”

Wilson also launched into a series of bizarre claims in response to Trump comparing himself to FDR and Winston Churchill:

This is a President who does not deserve to even compare himself to the worst leaders in history, far — far less, those who led us to war too, successfully. If this was Donald Trump during World War II, he would have said, well, you know, the Japanese didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor, it was an accident, or the — the — the German invasion of Poland is just a temporary — temporary thing, it’s going to go away soon.

Powers, a liberal elitist who does not have to worry about mobs destroying her private business, shamed Trump supporters for being more concerned with law and order than COVID. Prior to that, Cabrera expressed a poisonous disdain for those not voting Democratic, complaining it’s “eye popping” to see the election tightened (click “expand”):

CABRERA: I mean, as Rick lays all this out, Kirsten, it is just eye popping to think about it all. And yet we have new polling out today in some of these battleground states, like Nevada and New Hampshire, where the race at this point is too close to call. We saw, you know, polling out of Florida earlier this week, in which it’s both 48 percent, 48 percent supporting Trump and Biden. Does all of that surprise you?

POWERS: No, not really. I mean, I think that the, you know — I’ve — I’ve always thought that this race is going to be, you know, very tight and so I think as we get closer, we should expect to see the kind of tightening that we see in some of these states. I do think it is very troublesome though that when — when they ask voters in these four states, which one they were more concerned about, whether it was the pandemic or law and order, that they slightly said, law and order. Now, the idea that we have a problem in this country with not enough law and order versus the pandemic, which is killing people and destroying our economy, is very concerning.

Wilson, who needed to spout more hatred, then claimed that they are so brainwashed they would willingly contract the black plague if Trump told them to do so:

Well, I don’t think that the — the crowds in the Trump rally are ever going to hold Donald Trump accountable. This is more of a personality cult now than a political party or — or a campaign. So those folks don’t really care. He could say that the black plague is awesome, let’s go get it, and they would probably nod up and down and go, okay, cool, he said so. So this is not a president who — who will ever be under any sort of pressure from his internal base at all. They are, as I said earlier in the segment, divorced from reality in a really fundamental kind of way.

Cabrera concluded with a statement summarizing CNN’s aversion to and poisonous view of those not in their corner: “It’s hard to believe how close the election actually is. It’s already the middle of September.”

CNN is not a news network but a forum for Trump haters to make despicable comments about him and his voters.

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