March for Life Will Take Place in 2021: “We Marched for 47 Years” and Won’t Stop Now

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 11, 2020   |   9:34AM   |   Washington, DC

There is no greater human rights cause around the world today than standing against the hundreds of millions of abortions that destroy the lives of unborn babies each and every year. In the United States, hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans gather every year for the March for Life to come together in a unified voice to oppose abortion.

Despite the coronavirus, 2021 will be no different.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has ebbed from its peak earlier this Spring and Americans are celebrating lower numbers of cases and deaths, some pro-life Americans have been wondering whether the March for Life would even take place. Although participants will likely be wearing masks and keeping a greater distance from one another, March for Life officials tell today that the march will continue as planned.

“Listen, we marched during the blizzard of 2016, we’ve marched during government shutdowns, we marched after 9/11, we will march again this year,” Mancini said. “We’ve marched for 47 years, and no sacrifice is too great to fight this human rights abuse of abortion.”

Last night, March for Life held a virtual event announcing a unity and diversity theme for the event to celebrate Americans from all walks of life who support right to life of of unborn babies. MFL announced the theme for the 2021 March for Life: Together Strong: Life Unites.

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Jeanne Mancini, President of March for Life, was joined by a wide variety of leaders from various organizations across the nation to announce this timely theme. In a year marked by division, unrest, and fear, it is more important than ever to celebrate what unites us: life. Each person has critical role to play in building a culture of life. The diversity of unique gifts and talents is truly the strength of the pro-life movement.

Just as life unites us, abortion divides us. Abortion divides a mother from her child, abortion divides families and ultimately abortion divides the world from love. But what unites us is stronger than what divides us, and so the pro-life movement will continue to work for a time when abortion is unthinkable.

“People from all different walks of life, faiths, colors, and backgrounds are united in the belief that life has inherent human dignity,” said Jeanne Mancini, President of March for Life. “This year’s theme highlights diversity as the true strength of the pro-life movement and how our commitment to life has the power to unify. The world today is divided, but the pro-life movement is working for the day that abortion, one of the most fundamentally divisive acts, becomes unthinkable.”

The March for Life is also thrilled to announce that Matthew West, the GMA Dove Award®-winning and GRAMMY Award®-nominated artist/songwriter, will be performing at this year’s March for Life Rally. Just as life unites us, Matthew West’s music has inspired and united people from all different backgrounds. Matthew West commented, “I am honored to be performing at the March for Life. This is an important event and I look forward to proudly lifting my voice along with thousands of people from all walks of life as we gather together in Washington D.C. and send this message loud and clear: I believe every life deserves a voice. Every child deserves a chance.”