Twins Rescued From Abortion After Brave Mother Changed Her Mind

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 4, 2020   |   9:38AM   |   St. Paul, Minnesota

Pro-life advocates are saving babies’ lives on the sidewalks outside abortion facilities all across America.

This summer, a Minnesota pro-life sidewalk counselor helped a mother choose life for her unborn twins after an appointment at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Paul, One News Now reports.

Brian Gibson of Pro-Life Action Ministries said the sidewalk counselor told the woman that an abortion destroys a human life and offered her information about local pregnancy/parenting support services.

“ A sidewalk counselor was out talking to a woman as she was leaving – and in the process she explained [to the counselor] that she decided not to have an abortion: She is carrying twins,” Gibson said. “So he went on to offer her the help that’s available and lead her in the right direction for ongoing help.”

Gibson said the woman went to a local pro-life pregnancy resource center, which offered her additional support.

“Overwhelmingly, these centers are run by people of faith,” he said. “Many are supported by Christian churches. The offering of help is [to] bend over backwards [and] do all that we can to care for those who need it.”

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Pro-Life Action Ministries trains pro-lifers to reach out to women and men on the sidewalk outside abortion facilities. The counselors provide information and resources for them and their unborn babies, giving women the last opportunity to choose life before going through with their abortions.

Since 1981, “we have documented more than 3,100 babies spared a torturous death by abortion,” the pro-life organization states.

Sidewalk counselors are heroes. They are faithful volunteers who brave all kinds of weather, as well as insults and taunts from abortion activists, to save babies’ lives and give mothers hope for the future.

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