CNN Host Blames Leftist Riots on President Trump: He’s “Just Fine With White Violence”

National   |   Kristine Marsh   |   Sep 2, 2020   |   9:15AM   |   Washington, DC

NN’s Brianna Keilar started off her Tuesday afternoon show with a nasty tirade attacking President Trump for supposedly “endorsing” the violent left-wing riots across America, while she praised Joe Biden for condemning the violence, even though he’s said practically nothing until this past week. It seems Keilar also just expects viewers to suspend reality and forget how her own network has justified and downplayed violence from the left for the past three months.

Keilar also smeared President Trump as “against black violence” but “just fine with white violence.”

She started off parroting Biden being “right” about Trump “inciting violence.”  Along the way, she downplayed the violent riots, repeatedly:

Yesterday Joe Biden gave a speech where he argued that President Trump incites violence instead of stopping it, and instead of proving Biden wrong, Trump proved him right just a few hours later.  Yes, we have seen peaceful protests across the country. Yes, we have seen violence erupt in some cities. Yes, we have seen the President try to paint all of it with the same brush. Why? Because it plays right into his hands. He knows that, that’s why he tries to capitalize on it and why he tries to encourage it.

No matter how many times the president watches Fox News, loop video of a fire in Portland, this is nonsense. The local fire chief told CNN fact checker Daniel Dale that the city is not ablaze and for the isolated pockets of fires that broke out during demonstrations, they have only needed one fire engine for them.

Right after this, Keilar scoffed at conservative media “nonsense” highlighting the violence from June and July. Apparently it would be better if they followed CNN’s example and called it “fiery, but mostly peaceful.

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She smeared “blatantly racist” host Tucker Carlson for warning Americans about the media’s dangerous defense of radical leftists:

TUCKER CARLSON: They will burn down your cities and tell you that you did it, and if you don’t accept that judgment maybe they’ll send BLM to your house.

KEILAR: That is a host saying you should be afraid because black people might be coming to your house to commit violence. It’s blatant racism, it’s meant to scare moderate Americans into voting for President Trump. There’s a standardized political reaction to violence and it is to condemn it and that’s the route that Joe Biden took yesterday.

After touting Joe Biden’s teleprompter comments yesterday condemning the riots, after not doing so during the DNC, Keilar claimed Trump has endorsed the violence:

“Instead of condemning violence, President Trump is endorsing it,” she gushed before playing his exchange with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins during Monday’s press briefing where she grilled him to condemn his supporters for using paintballs against Antifa, who shot and killed one of the Trump supporters.

Instead Trump called paint a “defensive mechanism” but the network conveniently left out what he said right after this exchange because it made CNN look bad: “Your supporters, and they are your supporters indeed shot a young gentleman and killed him, not with paint but a bullet,” he stated before condemning the media for covering up rampant violence in Democrat-run cities.

But Keilar continued spewing her fictional nonsense that President Trump was “greenlighting” violence from his supporters and encouraging them and shoot up protesters like it’s a “video game.”

The journalist ended her rant doubling down on CNN’s narrative that it’s racist for you to want to feel safe in your own home and community:

“The president is arguing that he is the law and order candidate but he clearly supports neither. He says he is the candidate who can combat violence but he isn’t against violence. He is against black violence. He’s just fine with white violence, it appears,” she sneered. But Keilar’s assumptions here themselves are racist, namely, only white people want to feel safe from rioters, and only black people are rioting.

CNN journalists can make up things that are supposedly racist while they literally say racist things on air without consequence.

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LifeNews Note: Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center where this originally appeared.