Feminist Writer Says Killing Babies in Abortions “Smells Like Freedom”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 1, 2020   |   3:47PM   |   Washington, DC

One of the most powerful moments of the Republican National Convention last week was when pro-life advocate Abby Johnson described watching an unborn baby fight for its life as it was being aborted.

“For me, abortion is real,” Johnson said. “I know what it sounds like. I know what abortion smells like. Did you know abortion even had a smell?”

Since then, abortion activists have been trying desperately to malign Johnson and her story, claiming abortions really are not that gruesome and the smells that go along with it are actually nice.

Cosmopolitan writer Danielle Campoamor associated a lot of smells with her abortion in her effort to refute Johnson’s experience.

In her column, she described smelling the “flowery fragrance” of her nurse’s perfume during the abortion, the apple juice that she was given afterward, and the “barbecued ribs and a glass of Maker’s Mark” that she enjoyed on her first date with her partner and the father of her living children.

“But mostly, if there’s a smell to abortion, for me, it is the scent of my sons’ heads as I held and kissed them for the first time—two perfect boys I never would have had or had been able to adequately parent if it wasn’t for my abortion,” Campoamor wrote, concluding, “It smells like choice. Like a human right. Like freedom.”

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But Johnson, who responded to Campoamor on Instagram on Monday, said most women never experience the smell of abortion or other gruesome horrors involved in aborting an unborn baby, FaithWire reports.

A former Planned Parenthood manager who quit after witnessing an abortion, Johnson said abortion facilities typically sedate women so that they do not realize what is happening.

“We sedated you so that you wouldn’t remember what your abortion smelled like,” Johnson responded. “We sedated you so that you wouldn’t remember how bad it hurt when we killed your baby, when that powerful suction machine went into your uterus and sucked your baby out.”

She continued: “You don’t remember, but the woman who was back in the POC [products of conception] lab who … took that big old glass jar of blood and baby parts and she dumped that into a glass baking dish and then had to fish out your baby’s arms and legs, she knows what it smells like. She remembers that it had a smell.”

Campoamor quickly responded on Twitter that she was not sedated for her abortion, according to the report.

“I was given a local anesthetic. So I was wide awake and fully aware of every moment of my abortion at seven weeks gestation. I felt the provider numb my cervix. I felt the period-like cramping. And I felt relief that I was no longer pregnant,” she answered Johnson.

But Johnson also had an abortion and helped to facilitate many, many more while she worked at Planned Parenthood. She said she feels really sad for Campoamor and others like her who continue to be deceived about their abortions.

Johnson said abortion ultimately smells “like evil … because your baby died in the name of choice.”

“You can make it sound as cute and sterile as you want to, but in the end, those of us who have worked in those clinics, those of us who have done that work, we know the reality,” she said. “We know what really takes place. You can justify it all day long, but truth is still truth. And what you’re living in is not truth.”

Post-abortive women as well as abortion clinic workers who want to quit their life-destroying work can find compassionate help and healing in the pro-life movement. Johnson’s ministry And Then There Were None has helped dozens of abortion workers leave the industry and find meaningful employment. And pro-life organizations like Rachel’s Vineyard provide counseling and retreats to help women forgive themselves and heal from the trauma of aborting their unborn babies.