Media Calls Pro-Lifers People With “Fringe Views.” But Majority of Americans Oppose Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 26, 2020   |   1:53PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-life leader Abby Johnson is being slammed by liberal news outlets for having “fringe views” after she spoke Tuesday at the Republican National Convention.

Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director who became pro-life after watching an abortionist kill an unborn baby on an ultrasound screen, spoke about the horrific reality of abortion during her short speech.

“Nothing prepared me for what I saw on the screen. An unborn baby fighting back, desperate to move away from the suction,” she said, adding that she will “never forget” the doctor joking, “Beam me up, Scotty.”

“The last thing I saw was a spine twirling around in the mother’s womb before succumbing to the force of the suction,” Johnson continued. “For me, abortion is real. I know what it sounds like. I know what abortion smells like. Did you know abortion even had a smell?”

It’s hard to refute the brutal reality of abortion that Johnson exposed. Some news outlets did not quote these graphic descriptions, while the Associated Press tried to slam her and other Republican speakers Tuesday for having “fringe views.”

The news outlet claimed:

President Donald Trump has long surrounded himself with controversial characters who hold out-of-the-mainstream views. But the decision by the party to elevate some of those figures by featuring them in prime-time spots at the Republican National Convention or inviting them to witness this week’s events is drawing new scrutiny.

It dug up old social media posts and comments from Johnson and other speakers to portray them as radicals, but supporting protections for babies in the womb is not outside the mainstream.

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“Pro-aborts are SO scared of my speech tonight that will pull back the curtain of the barbaric reality of abortion, they are scrambling to try to find anything to detract people from my message,” Johnson responded on Twitter. “Well, guess what?? You can dredge up whatever old tweets you want. I’m still speaking.”

Polls consistently show that most Americans support protections for unborn babies from abortion.

A 2019 Harvard CAPS/Harris poll found that just 6% of Americans said abortions should be allowed up until the birth of the child, while only 8% said they should be permitted up to the third trimester.

A 2019 Hill-HarrisX survey found that 55% of voters said they do not think laws banning abortions after six weeks – when an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable – are too restrictive.

Gallup polls show consistent support for pro-life laws as well. In a July poll, Gallup found 55% of Americans take a pro-life position on abortion wanting all (21%) or almost all 39% abortions made illegal. The poll found just 43% of Americans take a pro-abortion position wanting all (29%) or almost all (14%) abortions legal.

Even more evidence comes from CBS News and Marist University. A June CBS News poll found the majority of Americans oppose killing unborn babies in abortions or want more limits on abortion. The poll found just 43% of Americans think abortions should be generally available while 55% of Americans say it should either be more limited or should not be permitted altogether.

A Marist poll from January found six in 10 Americans (62%) say that if the Supreme Court revisits Roe v. Wade, it should allow states to determine restrictions (46%) or make abortion illegal (16%). Only 33% of Americans say Roe v. Wade should be interpreted to allow for legal abortion any time without restriction.

On the issue of taxpayer-funded elective abortions, Americans also strongly opposed. Recent polls from Marist and Harvard University show that a majority of Americans oppose taxpayer-funded abortions.

The Democratic Party platform supports abortions without restriction and wants to force taxpayers to fund them – and that’s the real “fringe” position, according to polls. But most news outlets do not tell that to their audiences.