VP Mike Pence Slams Democrats: They Hate America and Just Want “Abortion on Demand”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 21, 2020   |   12:41PM   |   Washington, DC

Vice President Mike Pence spared no words after Democrats nominated pro-abortion Joe Biden last night. Biden tried to use Christian themes to build support for his candidacy — calling President Donald Trump a darkness that had fallen on American and saying he would restore the “soul” of the nation even though he supports abortion, which has taken 62 million souls since 1973.

In a Friday appearance on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Vice President Mike Pence responded, saying Democrats essentially hate America and just want to impose abortion on demand on it.

“I think the whole of the Democratic National Convention was a very, very negative view of America,” Pence advised. “And there was no attention paid to two of the most important challenges that our nation faces, either during the convention or during Joe Biden’s acceptance speech last night, and that is the violence that’s besetting the families in major cities across this country and, the economic and strategic challenge that we face with China. Not a word about that, as far as I could tell from Joe Biden last night and from any of the speakers.

Pence noted: “Instead, we heard that negative view, the criticism, the ad hominem attacks against the President of the United States.”

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Pence then talked about the positive agenda that will be laid out next week at the Republican convention.

“We are going to talk about what this president has done to revive this economy, rebuild our military, strengthen the constitutional liberties with conservatives to our courts at every level,” he outlined. “But Joe Biden, the Democratic Party has been overtaken by the radical left. And while they didn’t talk about it very much, their agenda is higher taxes, socialized medicine, open borders, abortion on demand and efforts to cut and reduce support to law enforcement at a time of rising violence in our streets. And that’s a choice we’re going to make clear to the American people next week.”