Adorable Premature Baby Helps Dad Pop the Question: “Mummy Will You Marry Daddy?”

International   |   SPUC   |   Aug 21, 2020   |   5:17PM   |   London, England

A tiny premature baby boy in an incubator has helped his hopeful dad propose to his mum in the hospital ward.

Eden Linton, SPUC Youth and Education Officer said: “This is adorable, and just goes to show that even the tiniest people amongst us have tremendous value and worth. We wish the newly engaged couple every happiness!”

Premature baby, Cobie Sellors, was born 10 weeks prematurely at the beginning of August and weighed a mere 3lb 90oz.

He was only two days old when he helped his dad to propose. Nurses in Kingsmill Hospital in Mansfield placed a sign inside Cobie’s incubator which read “mummy will you marry daddy?” alongside an engagement ring.

“A surreal and happy moment”

Dad John said: “I’m not usually the romantic type, but I really wanted to do something to lift Sian’s spirits and she had been dropping hints for a while about wanting to get married.

“The nurses were great and really helped make it a special proposal to remember. They just told me to take Sian for a coffee and that they would sort it out for when we got back.

“When we got back the message and ring were there and I was such a lovely moment, I can’t thank them enough.”

New mum and soon-to-be married, Sian said: “I was so shocked, I really didn’t expect it and I was really overwhelmed.

“When we got back on to the unit, the nurses told me that Cobie had been taken off his CPAP breathing machine and so I needed to go and look, as I would be able to see his face more.

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“I was concentrating so much on Cobie that I didn’t even notice the note and the ring at first!

“But then John said, ‘look, I think Cobie wants to know something!’ Then I read the note and it was such a surreal but happy moment.”

“The tiniest humans amongst us have tremendous worth”

Baby Cobie, who is being assisted by a breathing machine, is making tremendous progress, and is expected to go home to enjoy life with his family within a matter of weeks.

SPUC’s Ms Linton said: “The resilience of premature babies is truly remarkable. In recent months SPUC has been reporting on the increasing number of premature babies who continue to crush milestones and defy the expectations of doctors.

“Even the tiniest, most vulnerable people amongst us have tremendous worth, and tiny boy Cobie has certainly proved just that!”