MSNBC Promotes Joe Biden’s Catholic Faith, Ignores His Support for Unlimited Abortions

National   |   Kyle Drennen   |   Aug 20, 2020   |   5:31PM   |   Washington, DC

Eager to lie to voters about Joe Biden’s left-wing record, on her show Thursday afternoon, MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell hailed the former Vice President as “a man of faith” while brushing aside his radically pro-abortion views. To help dismiss Biden’s blatant rejection of Catholic principles, she brought on leftist priest James Martin, who’s set to deliver the benediction for the Democratic National Convention.

After beginning the segment by condemning President Trump for questioning Biden’s faith, Mitchell decided that she needed to offer a personal testimonial on behalf of the Democratic nominee: “Joe Biden, and I’ve known him since he first ran for the Senate in 1972, has always been a man of faith and that’s been part of his heritage, he refers to it often.”

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She compared him to a past Democratic president: “How important is that, if he is elected, to have a Catholic back in the White House, all these decades after John F. Kennedy?”

Of course Kennedy’s practice of his faith involved forcing a teenage intern into sex acts with himself and his chief of staff Dave Powers.

Martin responded to Mitchell’s question by gushing:

I think it’ll be important for Catholics, certainly, and it’s clear that, you know, while he doesn’t agree with the Church on everything, faith animates his life. He’s spoken about it often and I think we have to trust that this is a man who has a relationship with God and with Jesus Christ and tries to be his – the best Catholic that he can be. So certainly, I think Catholic social teaching, for example, will be a strong influence on him.

So will Biden be following “Catholic social teaching” when he delivers on his promise to sign an executive order mandating taxpayer funding of eugenics abortion provider Planned Parenthood? Will he be following that same teaching when he forces Catholic nuns to fund abortion?

Mitchell at least offered a few seconds vaguely alluding to Biden’s extreme abortion stances, though she couldn’t even bring herself to use the word: “Do you think it is – is it a problem for the Church that he has certainly been on the other side of Church teachings on the issue of choice?”

The phrasing, “is it a problem for the Church,” is truly incredible. Is it a problem for the Church that the Democratic nominee for president supports the murder of millions of unborn children? Is that even a serious question?

Martin grudgingly acknowledged: “It is, especially for, you know, some Catholics, for many Catholics.” Apparently it’s no big deal for him though. He went on to excuse Biden’s position:

But again, you know, there is not one party that fully encompasses Church teaching. So the Democrats are not very good on abortion and the Republicans are not very good on immigration. And so, you know, neither party has a lock on, you know, what you might call the Catholic vote. And it’s up to Catholics, you know, to determine in their consciences, you know, which candidate best reflects, you know, their own religious sentiments. But again, neither party has a lock on Catholic teaching.

This is not the first time Father Martin has served as a Democratic Party shill rather than a religious leader. In June of 2018, he appeared on MSNBC and accused the Trump administration of “weaponizing the Bible,” even comparing it to Nazi Germany.

The leftist media are fine with routinely trashing the faith of conservatives and Republicans, but rush to defend any Democrat who violates fundamental principles of their own faith.

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