Keisha Atkins Was Drugged and Sedated Days Before Botched Abortion Killed Her

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 14, 2020   |   6:27PM   |   Washington, DC

New evidence in the wrongful death case of abortion patient Keisha Marie Atkins indicates that she was “drugged and drugged to make her forget she was drugged,” according to a pro-life investigative group.

Abortion on Trial, which is following Atkins’ case closely, released medical records this week that document how frequent doses of the drugs Fentanyl and Versed were given to Atkins over the course of three days during her late-term abortion.

“Keisha was drugged, and drugged to make her forget she was drugged,” the group said. “She was drugged beyond the point of being able to change her mind, properly medicate, or seek emergency care. Keisha was held captive to IV and oral drugs for three days leading up to her death.”

In 2017, Atkins, 23, died shortly after her unborn baby was aborted at Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque. Abortionists Carmen Landau, Curtis Boyd and Shannon Carr are being sued for negligence in Atkins’ death.

According to Abortion on Trial, Atkins’ medical records from the abortion facility show multiple doses of the Fentanyl, a pain reliever, and Versed, a sedation drug, prior to her death on Feb. 3, 2017.

The side effects of the drugs and Atkins’ symptoms appear to match, based on her medical records. According to the FDA warning on Fentanyl, side effects include slow breathing, fainting and an altered heart rate. Side effects of Versed include potentially life-threatening breathing problems, according to MedLine.

According to the medical records obtained by Abortion on Trial:

February 1 – Keisha was given 2 doses of both Fentanyl and Versed within 35 minutes at her first appointment.

February 2 — Keisha was given doses of Oxycodone, Fentanyl, and Versed. Multiple times. She was then released back to her hotel room to labor, medicated and without medical providers monitoring her, for the second night.

February 3 — Keisha again received IV doses of Fentanyl, Versed, as well as Oxycodone, before she was eventually given Benadryl and Albuterol for labored breathing. Keisha was then transferred to the emergency room for “respiratory distress” where she died shortly after.

Southwestern Women’s Options has four open cases of medical and ethical violations against it, according to the report.

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Earlier this summer, Abortion on Trial released a video of an Oct. 25 deposition of Carmen Landau, a late-term abortionist at Southwestern Women’s Options, involving Atkins’ death. In it, Landau admitted that they tell women not to go to the emergency room if they are experiencing complications.

Atkins’ mother, Tina, and sister, Nicole, are suing on her behalf.

According to KOB News 4, Atkins went to the abortion facility Feb. 1, 2017, where her unborn baby was aborted. She was about six months pregnant.

Two days later, according to the lawsuit, she went back to the abortion facility complaining of breathing trouble and a high fever. After 10 hours, the abortion facility called for an ambulance to take Atkins to the hospital, and she died there a short time later, according to the lawsuit.

The University of New Mexico Hospital and the abortion facility are accused of medical malpractice, wrongful death and civil conspiracy in the lawsuit. The late-term abortion facility also allegedly violated the New Mexico Unfair Trade Practices Act by telling Atkins not to go to the emergency room but to contact the abortion facility if she experienced a medical emergency.

Operation Rescue and Abortion Free New Mexico, which have been following the case as well, also suspected a cover-up. The groups obtained Atkins’ autopsy report along with a CAD printout of a 911 call from the abortion facility on the date of Atkins’ death. The groups said both documents raised serious questions about the mishandling of Atkins’ medical emergency, and raised their suspicions of an attempted cover-up involving the hospital, with which lead abortionist Curtis Boyd is connected.